Golden keys dont work

(weska) #1

i use some golden keys codes on the shift site but in the game (boderlands 2) they dont show up?
in the game i go to the box and it dont count my keys i have use on the shift side… but in the game menu says i got them. so what now?

(Ben deLux) #2

There is a redemption counter on the shift panel in the game. It says something like:

5 Golden Keys, redeemed X times

or so. Next time, check if there is a difference after redeeming via browser. If this doesn’t change something went wrong. In that case, try to contact gearbox.

(weska) #3

i use a lot of codes in the browser and they work but in the game they dont show up. but if i use a code in the game i can use and see them so what i do wrong?? i try allready to contact gearbox but i become only a answer they are in holidays…

(weska) #4

is in borderlands 2 a shift panel???

(Ben deLux) #5

sorry i mean that extra page in the main menu. not this presequel like shift machine.
are you sure your psn is connected to you shift account?

(weska) #6

i play on xbox one yes all is conect rightly …

(weska) #7

in the main menu stands i have unlock them but if i go to box in the game it have dont counts my unlock keys :confused:

(Ben deLux) #8

oh yes sorry i play on ps. but should be the same

(Ben deLux) #9

are you sure your redeemed code wasnt for the presequel?

(weska) #10

no even on the shift site stands it works with the date of today

(Ben deLux) #11

ok. seems to be fine actually. except that part where it does not work but i can’t help you further. really try contact them again. they are in holidays? really? right now after their big reveal of BL3? of course they have someting to celebrate but ok. somewhen they have to awnser their support tickets

(So long, and thanks for all the fish!) #12

Moved you to the right section. Couple of questions for you:

  • If you stand beside the Golden Chest, how many keys does it say you have?
  • If you tab through your inventory, you should see your keys listed on one of the panels; how many does it show there?
(weska) #13

if i stand bevor the chest it says i have zero keys…and in my infentory it says i have zero keys but. in the game menu befor the game stands you have unlock XX game keys

(Ben deLux) #14

the game menu tells you how many keys you redeemed at all. In game in your inventory and while lookong at the chest, you see how many you have left to use. maybe you just used them already?

(So long, and thanks for all the fish!) #15

That message on entering the game triggers if you’ve unlocked more keys since the last time you loaded the save, but it still gives you the total keys you have.

I think a few of the displays and other options got mucked up with the graphics updates - someone was posting that the “prestige” indicator on the BAR tab was no longer visible.

(weska) #16

Its Not a graphic Problem, i can press any Button on the chest and nothing happens