Golden keys for Borderlands Goty

I am missing my 75 keys for borderlands goty on Xbox, I did own the handsome collection before the purchase (and played it) and I did also own all the borderlands games on the 369 as well… Can anyone plz help

When you launched the new version, did you get a “Terms and Conditions” and a “Welcome …” prompt? You need to be signed in to SHiFT when the check is made in order to get the keys (and it needs to be the same SHiFT account and Gamer Tag.)

I have only made the shift account t once I launched borderlands goty, does that effect anything?

Yes. You need to have played BL2 while signed in to the same shift account before launching BL1R.

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Guess I will not be getting those keys, thanks for your time though

The good news is that there’s plenty of loot in the game anyway! So far I’ve only used 2 keys out of idle curiosity; definitely haven’t felt the need for more.

I just don’t want to miss out on gear in those gold chests that wouldn’t otherwise get in the game. In the original I never had to worry about gold keys. Also I went to the BL 3 insider and didn’t see any codes there. All they did was say you get gold keys. lol

Everything that can spawn in the chest can also spawn in the game, fortunately.

Thank you for telling me that. I think you were trying to tell me earlier when you mentioned the chest system. I knew about random chests in the original BL but in the GOTY edition, seems different because of the gold key system.

Have no fear: ALL of the random chests in the game are still there!

I was given the 75 keys when i first started the BL goty but when i turned ps4 off and on again i had lost all keys, only used 5 of them

This seems to be a common problem, especially on PS4. Question: did you fully exit the game before turning the PS4 off, or was the game still running?

I had fully closed the game before i turned ps4 off, then when i went back on all my keys were gone, i started a new game to see if that would fix it but didnt work either

I’m afraid you’ll just have to join the support ticket queue. Seems like there’s a nasty bug at work there.

Xbox one, same issue, just finished all the quests and I’m kinda cheesed that I got stiffed the 75 golden keys, would have made an interesting gamble between me and my fiancé while replaying it.

Didn’t think to open BL2 and sync up my shift account before diving into BL GOTY.

Nostalgia got the best of me.

Ok been playing Borderlands GOTY for about a week. Just signed into shift today, because i figured I’d need to do that to get the keys. Do i need to have played the handsome collection on current get? I played both BL 2 and presequel on the same shift account before. Btw I’m on PS4 now and played those on 360

It definitely doesn’t work across platform, because of limitations imposed by Microsoft and Sony on the way SHIFT works with your account.

I’m not even sure from that if it would work playing BL2 on PS3 then BL1 GOTY R on PS4? I do know you have to have played while signed in to SHiFT on the same platform though.

Same Here what gives

I Had 109 G Keys now it says I have 0, I didn’t use 109 keys, I messaged support and got no reply so far