Golden Keys For Mayhem 2.0

Anyone else saved up all golden keys for Mayhem 2.0?

I’ve got like 70, I’m going to jump to Mayhem Level 10 and spend them all if possible to avoid the repetitive grind every level.

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Does the loot match what mayhem level u have ?

Actually not sure but I think it would have to?

No sense going to Mayhem (OP) lvl 10 and have Red Chest spawn regular lvl 57 loot I would think.

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It will be interesting to find out how MH level on a weapon is determined.
I do have alot of keys sitting around. Hopefully they will help with the MH level grind.

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I spent a few keys on Mayhem 10 after the update that notes what mayhem level loot was picked up on, and it doesn’t appear that the loot matches the mayhem level. I’m not sure if it’s intentional, but at least for me the loot isn’t showing the Mayhem Level I got it on and isn’t any more powerful than weapons picked up before Mayhem 2.0
Let me know if it’s the same or different for anyone else


no it is not scaled, have to wait for phase 2 for it to be fixed.

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They’ve addressed it though?!? That’s awesome; it not fun thinking that I’ve been saving them up for so long and then not matter at all for end game.

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not yet, the above includes golden chest, wait for phase 2 which is scheduled next week.

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LOL, I remember posting this back in April when I was still excited about spending all my golden keys and getting great loot.

Yeah, that excitement is dead and I could care less now. Not even going to hop back in to spend them and have stopped redeeming golden keys altogether.