Golden keys from BL website

Hi peeps, i[m fairly new to all this borderlands stuff and made my profile on the BL website plus linked all my accounts and everything else but, here[s my (probably dumb) question. When i enter a code to get golden keys on the shift tab of BL website from my laptop and i get my keys,how do these keys get on my xbox?,am i missing something?,cheers

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Im sure a lot of members can help you but here is my best explanation as long as you have a shift account linked to your console or 2k account you should recieve golden keys on BL2 And TPS through the account on shift redeem the reward get on the game. and thats it. spend your key’s bye bye traveller…

ok so i just checked my account and i am linked with my xbox live so,i guess everything should be fine and i´ll check on the game as soon as possible,cheers for the help

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My xbox gt is fazestrenuousp4 if you ever wanna play . just saying And i hope that you have a good day and your issue gets fixed

Im having an issue with this. I copy and paste the code via the shift code site, and it says I have recieved my keys, but when I log in. my keys stay at 20. Anyone else had this issue. it seems to only be on XBOX as I have the game for PS4 and PC as well.

do you have your shift account online cause i always get it to work as long as you have a shift account connected you should be fine make sure you have your account linked to a microsoft email / xbox account have shift and xbox connected and it should work. But if you are having issues then try sending a support ticket so a gearbox tech member can help you with this issue. V.I.A the hyperlink by VaultHunter101

When you paste the code in on the shift site, you should be prompted for which platform you want to redeem it on - are you seeing that prompt?

When you launch BL2 you should see it signing in to SHiFT before the main game menu becomes fully active; when you go to Extras > Shift, you should see your GT at the top right of the dialog box; if not, then there’s a sign-in issue. You should be able to see your recent rewards history - are the code redemptions you entered on the shift site also showing there?

If the keys are showing as having been redeemed on both the shift site and your xbox, you’ll want to file a support ticket ticket.

If the rewards aren’t showing up as redeemed on your xbox when you check Extras > Shift, it’s possible that either you redeemed the code for the wrong platform, or there’s a mismatch in the information linking the accounts. Support should also be able to help you out with the latter.


heya ttrejo, thanks for the invite, i only play on weekends when my son is here but when the trigger finger starts to itch i do tend to switch on the game and find myself playing for hours on end so when i do, i´ll give it a try since i´ve never done it b4…catch ya one of these days,cheers