Golden Keys in Borderlands 1 goty xbox one

How do i get golden keys for the big Boxes? I do Not find them in the Game and please forgive my bad english.

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There are currently SHIFT codes on the internet for 20 Golden Keys altogether (4 codes which give 5 Golden Keys each) and if you played the Handsome Collection you will start GOTY Enhanced Remaster with 75 Golden Keys.

There are some you could have gotten if you had saves from the earlier games on the same platform as you are using to play BL1 Remaster. There are additional shift codes for keys being distributed in the promotional materials for BL3 and via the official Randy Pitchford and Gearbox/Borderlands social media channels.




where do i find the shift codes?


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thanks for help. found it how to enter in the game. :grinning:


I did not know you get 75 keys if you got the handsome collection !
Thats pretty good however i have the game and all dlc but not goty edition

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