Golden Keys irrelevant after lvl 50/Mayhem

We know how rich the drops are at lvl 50 and into the Mayhem modes. (some may still disagree, but I get plenty of legendary drops just running around).
Which, at least for me, makes Golden Keys as irrelevant as they ended up being in BL2.
I don’t even think of them. I have great gear that I’ve found, and there are so many purple drops that I don’t need the chest for cash.
And, since the chest is on Sanctuary III, not even really useful for new characters since you get to your Bank at the same time you get to the chest.
Might have been good to put the chest in the Droughts for early game. I think the decision to put the golden chest in Fyrestone in the BL1 Remaster was a good one to make early game more fun, that would be good here.


I always cash mine in at last updated max level. It gives my char gear to start farming with and legendarys are at least a chance in BL3 so we have that going for us. I just never use them in leveling up because literally a hour later its useless because I been leveling.

PS even in BL2 saved for last to get some good E-tech SMGs.


I used it while leveling moz. Im glad i did because thats what made me try the terminator sg. Before i had only gotten blues and immediatly sold them because every other mali sg i tryed sucked. So thats a plus. Also got a good leveling com and a couple decent shields.

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Keys can be sorta useful if new level cap increase ever happens which I’m wishing for soon but bugs, glitches, and loots are far more important to fix first.

Otherwise I have keys I can’t be bothered to use. Especially since most of the time it always Pistols I constantly getting when I hope I get another weapon type


You’re correct. Where they’re still useful is when starting a new character and leveling up to 50. I used about 5 keys while going through with my 2nd character.

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Agreed you don’t really need them once you are handling M3 or 4 but I am keeping the 27 or so I have in case we get another tier of rarity such as Pearl in future.

Then I will have a few dips at getting something off the bat.

As @Dartdodge says, they’re intended to help you out whilst levelling, when you get stuck with no decent near-current-level gear. By definition it’s pretty useless once you’ve reached 50. Just keep the keys for another character in the future.

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That’s the issue, really. I don’t need them for a new character at the point where I could use 'em.
Once I get to Sanctuary, I have access to my bank where good stuff has been cached for upcoming characters, so the chest is not useful. Putting it in the Droughts would be useful.

Yeah I’ve been redeeming the codes but literally only used one key for the trophy.

I guess it’ll be nice to have a stack for whenever a level cap increase comes out.

With the old Borderlands games I always used the Golden Keys to help fill gaps in my gear as I leveled up. Needed a new sniper and just haven’t found one, spend a couple of Golden Keys to get one, purple rarity and level matched to my character.

Golden Keys become a complete waste of time once you reach Level 50 in BL3. You can farm better gear faster than you can look up, copy over, and redeem a Golden Key. When I can make 3-4 runs at Graveward and get 10 legendary items in less than 5 minutes there’s really not much of a reason to go through the effort to get one time use Golden Keys.

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There’s also the issue that, for better or worse, legendaries are massively more prolific in BL3 than BL2, both in regular play and especially in the Mayhem modes.

In BL2, finding a legendary was a real event. They were very rare random drops/finds and you could often farm bosses and rare enemies for hours or days to get just one.

In BL3 with Mayhem enabled, they’re everywhere. I had a boss drop five of them in one run yesterday. Love it or loathe it, it does render the purples yielded by the chest rather redundant, even with the addition of the odd legendary in there.

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That’s assuming Legendary items are better then purple items. That assumption couldn’t be further from the truth in BL3. The fact is in BL3 many purple item are far better then Legendary counter-parts.

The amount of Legendary drops in BL3 isn’t what matters. What matters is BL3 is quality of the many parts it can roll with, and anointment.

People keep making the mistake of comparing BL2 and BL3 when it comes to drop rates. They are vastly different games when it comes to the item systems and shouldn’t be compared like that.


Have to agree. BL3 Legendaries may be more prolific but they’re not as good as the BL2 ones, at least in relation to the purples.

My current build is all legendaries aside from one purple Maliwan SMG, which is my favourite gun.

thats how they should be, imagine they give min max item , who would ever want to farm when u can wait for GK code

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I might suggest that there some notable blue weapons that come directly as quest items.
I love the COV weapons that have extended breaks allowing longer use.


Or even green. I am very happy with, and usually carry in my #1 slot, an Atlas double Q-System of whatever color.
It has killed everything, and is a very reliable crit machine, at lvl 50/Mayhem and below.
Oh, and that’s without tracker pucks. I never use those since I’m using the classic layout on my controllers so switching modes is a pain in the heat of battle.


Another good example is the green Shredda I give my clone sometimes. It has a higher base damage then any blue or purple variant I’ve found and is one of the best weapons you can give Zane’s Clone.

I really miss the diversity of the BL2 blue/purple system. I miss the Pimp, Sand Hawk, Twister, Orphan Maker, etc. There really are only a couple “best in slot” blues or purples in BL3.

I do not miss quest reward farming though. :rofl: