Golden keys missing

I read that everyone who got the new borderlands goty edition got 75 golden keys my 2 friends who I play with got them but I did not

You do if you own BL2 and/or TPS on the same platform and connect all those to the same SHiFT account.

Official requirements are listed here:

Wow that is so dumb. Shift acc is linked to both. Just cause I had the old ones on xbox and new ones on ps4 I dont get it. And they want me to get number 3 ha.

I’m not sure exactly what information is checked (and where it resides) when identifying loyalty rewards. I do know that Sony and Microsoft have different underlying protocols and don’t allow file transfer between their respective platforms. Whatever Gearbox implements with the Shift system has to respect those limits. Maybe if both platforms had agreed to cross-play before BL2 came out, this wouldn’t be a requirement.

Will it work if i have played the previous borderlands on the ps3 and then got the game of the year addition for the ps4?

If you transferred your BL2 PS3 saves to the Handsome Collection and launched one of them there while connected to SHiFT, it should work. If you’ve launched the Remaster in the meantime, though, it might not run the check again. (I seem to recall that’s what happened with the previous loyalty rewards?)

I had my 75 keys but they disappeared. I wanted to wait until I was max level to use them. Now I feel like I’ve wasted so much time on top of the 30 dollars for this poor excuse of a remaster. Give me my ■■■■■■■ keys back.

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You can file a support ticket for the missing keys. Requests for refunds should go to whichever store (on-line or physical) you purchased the game from.

Closing thread since the OP’s questions seem to have been addressed. For anyone requiring technical assistance, please use the appropriate tech support category - thanks!