Golden Keys not showing up

I have entered several shift codes, plus got some for having all three games. Yet when I go to the chest in Concordia it says I do not have any golden keys to use? I back out of the game and in the Extras menu it shows I should at least 10 of them, is there an issue with this?

Have you gone to the Shifty Sheldon vendor in the middle of Concordia near the chest? You have to claim them there after putting the codes in

No, and I just looked for him and can not find him anywhere, I see the chest with a Concordia citizen leaning on the rail next to it. There is the guy you buy the moonstone upgrades from, but I see nothing he has to offer about shift codes. I do see a Shift Box, but when I try to use it, it tells me I am not signed into a shift account.

I got it working now, not sure why it did not have me signed in, but it seems to be working now.

So you are all sorted then?

Glad to hear and yea I’ve had a few problems with the shift thing but its usually fine

If you hit “Continue” on the game menu too soon, you will skip the SHiFT sign-in step (it runs when that screen showing the main game menu and you current character appear).

There were also some issues for 2nd-player if running local split-screen co-op, and I’m not sure if those have been fixed at all, but that may not apply to you.

Oh I didn’t know about that, usually hit “play” then walk away and do something till it loads

You can see the little alert - it’s in the same place you’ll see the messages about checking for downloadable content (hotfixes and update), loading the default character, etc.

I am apparently signed in as “*****”, without ever having actually signed in. Is it possible to sign out and than in again? I am otherwise incapable of accessing the golden keys (which is a bummer).

Is your steam account associated with your SHiFT account? Maybe double-check the details on SHiFT under your preferences. I don’t think you configure anything on the game side to access SHiFT from within the game - at least, I don’t remember having to do that.