Golden Keys; Where and how. (Quick question)

Barely touched the “original” back then (on PS3). Probably didn’t had a SHIFT account at the time.
Didn’t expect to stumble on a golden key chest in Fyrestone!
… And 75 keys!!! (Thanks Gearbox. That will speed up the story. :slight_smile: )
Quick search online. Didn’t found SHIFT codes for Borderlands “1” . (I search for it because I saw an option to enter codes.)
Quick search on here. Found a somewhat related thread… Almost 4 years old.

So… Any hints? Or am I just that clueless?

What 4 year old thread? This is the first time BL1 has had a Golden Key chest.

I don’t think any new SHiFT codes have been released yet, we’ll just have to keep an eye out.

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It was this one .
Was about a “remaster edition” and someone mentioned gold keys. They we’re not available…

But thanks. Now I know I’m not delusional!
Well… Not this time :wink:

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