Golden path event - which legendaries and which missions

Hornet for whooping up on GenIVIV.

Grenade mod given at startgame from claptrap/lilith-Cloning Hunter-Seeker.

First gun given upon Sanctuary taking off (extra SDU gun slot): Searing Nemesis.

Upon completion of quest to first arrive at Promethea: Resonant Back Ham.

I got a Hellwalker for Cold as the Grave.

FWIW I am playing MM2 TVHM with Lootsplosion and Healthy Avenger. Just hit level 50.

Going Rogue - Carrier

and I am doing two Fl4k playthroughs at once, so I got each reward once with each as confirmation.

Did not get anything for quite a while after pain and terror.
In the shadow of starlight completion awarded a Ruby Wrath

final reward for activating mayhem: crossroad

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The should have made this Typhon’s quest reward the first time you meet him.