Golden Path (new mini event)

The Golden Path would make more sense to me if new vault hunters were introduced recently. As it stands with just the new skill trees added, basic farming seems more than adequate to get these “killer edge” legendaries, instead of a new playthrough.

This is odd, because I remember GB stating that the reason new VH’s won’t be added to BL3 is because they said the community picks one VH and sticks with them and doesn’t want to grind multiple playthroughs for multiple characters (or something similar to that effect).

But the Golden Path is designed for a new playthrough. GB did mention “newly minted VH’s” in addition to leveling a new character in their post, so to be fair, maybe they picked up a butt ton of new players…


Damn you beat me. I was about to make a thread about this lol.

Sorry, is this a new event that is also not listed on the forum?

Tf do I come here for.


Yep this one is for new characters.

Yep it’s not listed in the News forum. Remember when it comes to news the official forum is always behind lol.

A lot of copies of the game have sold recently. So maybe its intended for the new players?
I left the game back in January and all my characters are still level 50. So I’ll be able to take advantage as well.
Since I’m trying to migrate to my ps5 as well but you can only transfer one VH currently. If they can’t/ don’t fix it then many people will need it to catch back up.

What are their other social media feeds, anyway? Twitter? Facebook? Discord? Instagram?

I might be interested to just make a new Zane. I want to learn the new skill trees as I level up because respeccing at max level, it’s hard to gauge how effective the new things are at mayhem 11.

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The official Borderlands Discord isn’t run by GB, but people do post news there.

Definitely for new players…

It’s not like I allready found hellwalkers with every possible anointment is it :joy: at this point I could fill my bank every day with just those I get from random drops :joy::joy::joy:

Oh well… Useless event for me (and pretty much anybody who played end game)

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Then again AC valhalla has a ton of stuff I gotta do in it so probably not going to play BL3…

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So they’re tying some Legendary gear to some select story missions? I mean, I can just do a mission reset for one of my characters and not have to start over to participate, no?

It depends on what Legendary weapons they’re offering. If they’re standard world drop fare, I may pass. If they’re sourced from some otherwise painful dedicated loot pool (like a Phasezerker COM from the Hag of Fervor), I may be down… would love one of these with an Action Skill Damage modifier. Will need to ask about this when the news gets posted here.

Read the news page :wink:

It’s just random world drops and you have to play the main story :sweat_smile:

So for new players it’s a way to get some legendary weapons without having to rely on RNG.

For people who allready have their bank filled they’ll probably be able to level up a new toon with some guaranteed legendaries haha

If this would be an attempt at getting people to play the main story I would be worried :joy::joy::joy:

Yeah this isn’t really a big deal for people in console who have max VH. You can just pop two accounts and transfer low level legendary to the new char.

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So on one hand it will greatly benefit my “quest reward only” Fl4k I’m leveling up now (while also exploring new tree).

But - it kind of defeats the purpose of that specific run, since the whole point was to see how all these quest rewards perform. I’ll probably park this Fl4k for a bit then.

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Yeah legendaries kinda overshadow the other items :confused:

Started a new Axton in BL2 knowing it would take a hell of a long time before I’ll find a legendary :joy:

Arms race should remedy that but I’m still not sold on the whole thing (and couldn’t care less for the new skilltrees even if I allways wanted the iron cub tree - > haven’t bothered with moze appart from leveling)

If anything, GB have been consistent in their total inconsistancy since the begining of BL3. So yeah, don’t give too much credit to whatever they say.


I can see that this is not for everyone. And I understand why it is there for new players.

To me, it just wrecks one of GB’s main reasons for not adding new VH’s. Clearly there is reason, and now incentive to create a new playthrough. This makes GB seem less than genuine on their stated direction of the game. This is a shame because trust in GB is already in short supply.


Legendaries aren’t that big of an incentive in this game :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Agreed to a point. (Noting legendary spam… everywhere in late game… :grin:)

If you had a new VH, picking up extra legendaries through the first playthrough (where said legendaries actually make an impact) could be very beneficial in grinding quicker to end game content. This could be nice for those who have played the base game already and just want to max a new VH.