Golden Path (new mini event)

Treu that :wink:

It’s good for newer players hehe

I actually liked not having OP legendaries while leveling

And after max level anything but legendary is just plain awful :pensive:

So I’m kind of having mixed feelings about this… They created arms race so normal guns get used (or at least I think that’s what they where aiming for)
And now they are rewarding (new) players with even more legendary weapons? It’s like saying “screw normal weapons”

They could even just replace them with legendaries and nobody would notice anymore :joy:

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Yeah. Arms race just seems so disjointed from the base game.

Exclusive drops that seem beneficial only in AR mode (Res, artifacts…) But can’t be used there.

Exclusive drops that can only be used in base game but farmed in AR, further connecting two completely separate modes of play.

New skills that are only usable outside of AR content so far.

Focus on gun play… wait no… I mean new skills… or maybe it’s normal guns…but get those legendaries.:rofl:

Ultimately it’s all fine with me. Plenty of options to play how you want. It just feels like a hot mess the way it’s being rolled out.


Each time we had a loot event, Gearbox raised the level cap just after.

Creating a new event to make players level up a character looks like they will troll us once more announcing a new Vault Hunter as DLC after that. Looking forward to december 4th. :smiley:

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I am pretty sure it’s this. New consoles launching = lots of new players. Having an event that isn’t tied to endgame or having DLC is not a bad idea.

Plus, not everyone has multiple VHs at level cap. I still only play my one FL4K lol. I guess I could use this event to finally level up the level 10 Zane I abandoned but I don’t know if a Hellwalker is enough to entice me to slog through the entirety of Eden-6 and Carnivora again…

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Legendary loot in B3 is so OP (especially if gearbox has buffed it recently) that these event mission rewards will make all other loot worthless for several levels. No reason to use the blue/unique mission rewards which already need some attention anyway, if the same mission will give a hellwalker, or star helix.
I like making new characters and enjoying the base game with no legendary loot, because of how crazy easy they make it - the moment you find an orange you can stop looting for an hour or two - so this event seems pretty poor to me. They should have worked on a hotfix to buff the normal mission rewards instead of throwing more legendaries at players already drowning in orange light beams, lol. Or better yet, undo all the legendary buffs and fix the mayhem scaling instead.

They invented arms race to fix the uselessness of non-legendaries, because they overbuffed legendaries and thus ended up having to lock some legendaries out of it. They buffed the legendaries in the first place because they messed up the mayhem scaling and needed more damage. They added mayhem scaling to fix the lack of damage caused by creating mayhem levels on guns. They put mayhem levels on guns to make the new mayhem 2.0 into a progression system, instead of a challenge mode (you get more powerful as you increase the difficulty instead of the game getting harder and needing more skill). They made it a progression system because they couldn’t figure out how to make modifiers fun, and it sucks that they keep making the game worse each time they try to fix the last thing they f*cked up, because they can’t admit any of their mistakes and try to fix them.

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Basically, this event is about giving players more OP loot during the part of the game they’re most likely to actually be able to use non-OP stuff.


Exactly this. BL3 is officially a launch title for the new consoles. Plus new season pass and the new ultimate edition. All that and holiday season coming up. It’s incentive to hook the new players that will be flooding in.

Just a marketing ploy, nothing to see here.


Whether you’re a newly minted Vault Hunter—perhaps via the new Ultimate Edition or Next-Level Edition

Quote from the release notes. At least they’re not hiding it.

Wonder if this works for TVHM … just started my Zane TVHM run, could be kinda nice depending on the loot.

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Now if they could just implement this event for the other BL titles…

Didn’t you know gearbox bought Twitter it’s why they put official information on Twitter as they own it rather than a website they had to pay to create (sarcasm sold separately)

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That would have been cool. If they’d done that, and made it a permanent buff for items you got during this, I could see playing through the game to get some supped up mission rewards.

Maybe give the supped up version a slightly different name e.g. “true e-gone” and “effect” like the rainbow legendaries in the Lilith DLC.


Just tested it. It works in TVHM. It’s likely worth it for certain guaranteed drops at level 65 mayhem 10+.

I got a cloning hunter seeker from beating the first mission in TVHM.

Here’s my thread about which missions give what. Work in progress, obviously. I’ll post more as I discover them. Probably more tomorrow.


Sweet, thank you. Looks like I need to build up a new TVHM Iron Cub Moze tonight.

(I have blank max level character saves at TVHM with no dlc or side quests done. Really great for starting new builds).

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I kind of do the same thing manually on xbox. haha. I have raised up 3 of each class so I can try full separate builds without respeccing / regearing all the time.

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Oh how exciting an event that throws legendaries at you in a game where legendaries are already thrown at you. Good job gbx really flexing them creative muscles.


I know I’m just repeating OP but I also feel like Gearbox says a lot of stuff then later goes back on what they said. The multiple playthroughs thing is correct that they said players wouldn’t want to have multiple characters so no reason to add new VHs and now that feels like they are really pushing multiple playthroughs now.

Then you have the fact no new VHS when we literally have 3 out of the 4 DLCs focused on Timothy/Krieg/Gaige which were DLC characters and fan favorites so obviously people wanted more of them and more VHs. Even Aurelia is a big part of the story in BL3. These extra VHs were bait for the consumers and Gearbox knew that.