Golden Skin Pack


I will Buy two days ago New copy of B3 for PS4 that include Golden Weapon Skin pack. Inside the box i will read that code can active to 13.09.20 after that date will expire. And is my question is there any option i can get this code for free. Btw i will buy new copy and i think i can use this, on box is no information about exactly date when i must use code but inside and this is misleading a customer. When i can get other option and can buy used game for much cheaper without this code but when i buy new i think this no special restriction of date like in other games and this is a awkward situation.


I don’t know if it’s possible to get a replacement code. You could try taking it up with the store you bought from or filing a support ticket. The golden skins are purely cosmetic items, so you wouldn’t really be missing out on anything if you got a refund on the game and bought vanilla plus the season pass (or just the DLC you wanted).