Golden skins drops?

Hello everyone, this is not my idea but the slakruz’s one;

The idea is to have a little bit of chance to get a golden skin from a drop, the chance to drop them gonna be better during game’s anniversary, christmas, etc…

What do you think ?

I like the idea of having skins/taunts as drops from enemies (with a crazy low chance), but I feel certain skins/taunts should stay (for the most part) exclusive. Otherwise it isn’t really a reward for participating in an event or something. Grind enough or get lucky and you get it. It makes it so that item isn’t really special anymore.

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What “events” are you talking about? I’m a Warframe player and I know all about the events over in that game but do you have info that there well be events in battleborn?

I’m cool with skins and taunts dropping, but not the golden ones. They should stay exclusive to whatever event they were apart of.
As someone who has gold skins from pre-ordering and doing the beta event, I would feel robbed. Like; “Oh, I guess I shouldn’t have pre-ordered for those skins or played the beta during the event period if I could just unlock them later on on random drops.”…that would be a horrible decision on GBX part.

Like if they have Christmas/St. Patrick’s Day themed skins/taunts or whatever like they had for BL2. It’s likely they will, but it’s just a guess at this point. Pre-ordering could be considered an “event” as well in a manner of speaking.

Oh ok just…holidays, I thought you were talking about time limited story content, missions, etc. like they have in Warframe