Golems are immune to most damage

While playing through The Algorithm it is extremely annoying when I reach the Galactic Emperor stage because 1) he has no crit spot and 2) he only takes damage from one little spot in the center of his chest.
All of his golem minions also share the same characteristics. It is ridiculously annoying to unload a clip of shotgun shells into a golem’s back for exactly 0 damage.

I have 2 ways to fix that stupid IMMUNE damage marker.

  1. Make the whole golem take damage and simply have the damage to its back be reduced.

  2. Make golems have destructible armor that you can destroy to reveal a soft inner energy that takes full damage.


I’d be happy enough if shooting the spot on his chest counted for critical damage instead of just base damage

I have never had a problem with the Ice Guardians. You can destroy their chest piece and it seems to deal more damage . That battle really isn’t hard unless I suppose you are a melee character. Melee characters have a lot of disadvantages and doesn’t make a lot of sense to play melee in an FPS.

Well they put melee characters in the game, it’s not our fault they did a bad design for the enemies we fight.

No, but melee through-out history has the fatal disadvantage of range. It would be nice to see a ranged melee character in a game for once, you know, someone who can swing a chain around, root and pull opponents, deal effective AOE…

But I am not a developer for or a member of gearbox or it’s associates.

The whole reason we don’t fight wars with swords anymore is because guns are much more effective.

Yeah but come onnn stabbing dudes is fun. I do agree on a ranged melee not like shayne who has an awful boomerang thing but something like thresh from league of legends

Don’t get me wrong! I love playing melee characters in games where it’s viable. It’s just not the case in this style of game.

This has been an issue that has plagued my mind for a long time and I can’t wait for the game “For Honor” to come out. It is suppose to have the best melee system for gaming.

I think the first time I experienced melee in an FPS was Unreal Tournament modded with a sword. It was very similar to how melee is played in Fallout 3.

In order for melee to be played well, melee attacks have to be able to deal massive amounts of damage per strike. They should have more and unpredictable mobility on the battlefield, being able to run faster, jump higher and farther, and have escapes as well as pulls and rushes.

The problem with melee also exists in how critical strikes work. You have to hit the head for most critical hits and it’s not possible for most melee characters to hit the critical points.

The problem with this game is the innate advantages of range vs melee based off of map layout.

A sniper character can sit across the map behind 90% cover and deal full damage to a melee character who will never have an opportunity for counter attack.

One way to counter this is to give a melee character the ability to instantly pull any attacker. This would make ranged characters less likely to attempt to attack melee characters without a strategy. If the ability had a cooldown then a melee character to trigger the pull so that his ranged teammates can then focus down the melee character.

Another way, would be to give melee characters reflector shields rather than regular shields. This would make it more difficult for ranged characters to kite, snipe, and generally use their natural advantage to kill melee characters or cause melee characters to have to flee too quickly.

Melee characters already have so many innate disadvantages that designers need to realize this as a problem when designing levels and opponent characters. Melee characters will almost always have to take damage when engaging in a fight. A Ranged character potentially can fight without ever taking damage just though fighting behind cover.

Have you played the melee characters in this game?? The top damage dealers are always the Raths, Phoebes, Galileas, El Dragons… Marquis is the only character that has real ranged advantage, and that works against pretty much everyone.

Marquis, Oscar Mike, Orendi, Ambra, and Thorn are the top damaging ranged characters and when I play Orendi: I am always the top damage player in Story Mode.

Ambra is the only exception to the ranged deal because she has short range but enough range to stay out of melee range and has the ability to steal health as she is kiting.

Rath, Phoebe, Galilea, and El Dragon are all incredibly easy to avoid and target as a ranged character. As Oscar Mike, I am always shredding these melee characters’ health and forcing them to retreat without ever being able to even get near me or no where I am. They have no choice but to leave the battlefield if I am on it too.

Well I guess your games go differently to mine then

I play all ranged characters from behind cover with only a enough of my body showing that my bullets aren’t blocked on collision mesh.

As far as using Orendi, I use a lot of Shadowfire Pillars… like… A LOT of Shadowfire Pillars… A lot…

Orendi is one sneaky little wench :sweat_smile:

She’s so small that when she runs in with a group of minions, 9/10 times I don’t even see her. Start popping a few of the bots and then next thing there’s a shadowfire pillar right under my feet haha

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I quite like the Golems generally. Pretty sure AOEs damage them just fine like Shadow Pillar. If they don’t that’s dumb.

The only frustration is playing Orendi, her inaccuracy is a real pain when trying to fight these guys. In contrast I found them too easy playing as ISIC as his gun is so supremely accurate. I know Orendi is meant to be chaotic and all that but a touch more accuracy wouldn’t go a miss even if she looses a little more range to compensate.

Some people aren’t very good with the melee characters, some people are great. It all comes down to play style as what makes a character good. You might say “I can sit back and hide and snipe you first” but when I get a rath power leveled on minions I’ll zig zag my way to your hiding spot and use my spin while you are still squishy at level 4. Soon it’s level 12 vs level 7 and you’re wondering why I’m dominating.

Now granted, some people play rath horribly, some people play orendi horribly. It really is just finding what you are good at and winning that way.

But for the golems. I can’t do anything to them as melee usually, they need to fix that so all characters are viable on story.

Your inaccuracy… not hers. I am very accurate.

Reyna as a character does not function at all Solo PvE and I have no idea how they could fix that bar allowing you to shield purchased drones. :cry:

The character I played that had most trouble with the frost golems was Benedict. It’s REALLY hard to hit that spot on their chests with rockets. It’s extremely tedious to kill them.

I didn’t have any problem killing them with melee characters. Just aim for the spot. Don’t forget that melee needs to be aimed and can crit just like ranged attacks.

The easiest character to deal with them was Whiskey Foxtrot. You can just unload into their chest with pinpoint accuracy and they go down extremely quickly.