Goliath head customization

Ok, I’ve been postponing asking for this for a long time now, but since I’m almost done getting every single character customization available through the game for both the assassin and the commando I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask… The only heads and skins that I can’t get on the 360 due to geographical and financial reasons are the ones from Poker Night 2 and the Goliath head from the Diamond Plate loot chest. I’ve made my peace with the fact that I’m probably never going to have the Poker Night 2 customizations, but there’s a way I can get the Goliath heads. Maybe there’s a generous soul out there that plays either on PC or PS who bought the loot chest, has the card for the Goliath head and never used the SHiFT code to unlock it on the 360. Maybe that person would be willing to give me just the 360 code?

I can’t offer much in return other than my gratitude, as I don’t have any spare gear to trade. Even if I had any gear, we wouldn’t be able to trade cause we probably wouldn’t be playing on the same platform. If anybody who answers to my request also happens to play on the 360, I’d be willing to farm for any level 72 item they want (I never attempted the OP levels, so I wouldn’t have any OP8 gear, unfortunately). I’ve found one or two people on EBAY selling just the codes pretty cheap, but I’d have to get a credit card and there’s no guarantee the codes will work after they get my money. Also, those sellers have a no refund policy. That transaction really doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence.

I’m also not sure if asking for this in here is against the rules. If I’m breaking any rules by asking for this, I’m very sorry. If that’s the case, this thread can be locked and I’ll take my request elsewhere. I wanted to post this on all three platform sections of the forum, cause even though I’m asking for a 360 code, PC and PS players are probably the ones who would actually have what I’m asking for and I don’t think they’d spend a lot of time checking the 360 trade forum. However, the forum doesn’t allow me to start threads that are too similar to each other and I don’t wanna clutter the forums. There’s a possibility this request is gonna fall on deaf ears, I’m afraid.

I really don’t like asking for stuff like this, but I feel this is the only way I could ever get those heads.