Goliath mechanic

I was going to make a poll but apparently I’m an idiot and can’t figure out where the poll option is on this forum. Oh well…

Anyway…I’m curious how many people utilize the goliath mechanic either as a gameplay strategy or for the loot bonus (or both) or do you just mow them down and ignore the mechanic entirely?

In B2 I used to utilize this for the added loot but also it’s great for strategy because it’s like having a powerful temporary pet that clears out mobs for you then becomes a loot pinata at the end. I would just knock off the helmet and then run around looting stuff to replenish my ammo and health while the goliath did his thing. I always found this to be an amusing supplement to the gameplay.

However, in B3 the goliath mechanic seems underdeveloped or maybe not functioning properly. The loot I have seen from the God-liath varients in B3 has been pathetic. I don’t know if it’s my bad luck or something that changed but I would expect a God-liath in TVHM with mayhem modifiers to drop pretty good loot at least sometimes but I haven’t seen it.

It also seems the pathing is worse or something as they seem to have a really hard time killing other mobs because they are always running in an obscure, unnatural path that make it painful to watch or wait for them to kill things. Overall, the mechanic just feels very weak and not functioning as well as it did in B2 leading me to just kill them most of the time. Curious what are others thoughts on it?

edit I also wanted to point out that I always found it hilarious how their speech changes when you knock off their helmets. It’s one of the things I continuously found amusing and enjoy listening to them.


I do make constant use of their aggro to other enemies in Slaughter Shaft. It makes round 5 a lot easier since it spawns several of them. Doesn’t work quite as well if you are using a pet class. I never notice a loot difference which is sad, even when I was doing it on the Unstoppable. Warden I have let to get to Godly several times just because I enjoy the mechanic and find it fun to draw out that fight, again no loot difference I could notice.

Their voice lines are amazing and my very favorites.


Yeah, on paper each new level of goliath is supposed to make them harder and drop much better loot. However, the loot part seems broken. In fact, many, many times I have seen the god variant only drop white items (a ton of them but all white) which is just sad.


In bl2 i used it all the time; in their current iteration they barely even get close to a kill before being mowed down for plainly existing… still some good fun pitting them against eachother atleast


I like leveling them up, but in this game they die too quickly to other bandits. Just 2 common Bandits will be enough to kill a Goliath sometimes. I’d rather just get through the area at this point.


Yeah, it’s a shame because I always thought it was a fun mechanic in B2. They are just not worth the trouble in this game. Another issue I find is there are frequently not enough mobs around for them to even fully level up so kind of pointless all around.

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I think one of my main problem is how they changed them. If you knock a head off the Goliath gets there HP back immediately and then take several seconds to transform, during which time there completely vulnerable.

In BL2 it was the opposite. If you knocked a helmet off it was a race to see if you could kill it before it healed. Now with it being flipped we lost the “Oh ****” moment. The change over all has made them weaker. It almost feels like it is a stun rather then something to avoid. I would love to see them change them back to they way they where in BL2 with a bit more max HP on Evolutions

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I do the exact same thing. Once their skilled up I run to the other end of the zone and clear stuff there and check up on them. Once they are down to 10% or so I’ll finish them off. But they stay up long enough to either kill the badasses, or keep them occupied long enough my screen doesn’t get spammed with particle effects.

When i see one coming weilding duel rls that head gets poped quik. So glad they drop weapons at that point. I usually get blue or purple gear if they level up enough.

never had one drop anything above a blue on any level of their transformation. i’ve had my pet chew one to pieces before he could leap off to pound on someone. i miss the BL2 goliaths.

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Since I’m back to BL2 for now…I thought I would bump my old thread about this topic. Interacting with the goliath mechanic in BL2 is still so much fun. It worked so well in BL2 so I really don’t get why it’s so bad in BL3. RIP. :frowning:


how lucky of you to get a low level infinity.


Yeah. It’s kind of funny because I just made another thread about the difficulty compared to M10 then I got this infinity and it’s miles easier now. However, it does sort of illustrate how special a legendary feels in this game compared to BL3. I’m not sure how good this legendary is compared to others but I know the pre-order legendary weapons for BL3 were complete garbage in comparision.


Not to derail my own thread but this Infinity:

with Mind’s Eye + Wreck is an amazing combination with Phaselock. Being able to shoot locked enemies without reloading + the added fire rate and gun damage is a sick combination. I’m going to be sad when I outlevel this gun. lol.


even without skill points, early level legendaries are Godly.

With higher mayhem they’re just plain unable to kill anything (too much HP) so you can’t make them stack.

Goliath with their helmet on hit WAAAY too hard to keep them that way, especially considering that once you headshot them, they share the aggro with you

Too bad the difficulty wasn’t use of mechanics like the Goliath instead of these stupid mayhem levels/modifiers. Goliath mechanics = fun. Immunity to X = not fun.

I made the Juggernaut that drops that crappy shield i was interested in because possible multivitamin. Hes very near the psychobillies. The unstoppable guy in eden 6. Tosome kinda God thing.

I made em kill the camp n some mankeys.

Weirdly he dropped alot of world leggosbut not his shield Arg! Did it twice. Waste of life.

Me and my wife used to raise em up and make different ones fight since we became slabs. It was part of what makes borderlands so great.


Oh yeah. That’s what I do as well. Was doing it last night. It’s hilarious and great fun to get a bunch of them all fighting other enemies and each other until one levels up all the way. I would help it kill others so it would level up. Fun times. Goliath in BL3? Not even worth caring about.

Still playing BL2 and still having fun with these old school Goliath enemies. They seriously never cease to entertain me. I literally started laughing out-loud when this Goliath started leaping in the air to attack the Buzzard enemies that were flying around. It was jumping so high into the air while voicing it’s hilarious quips and then it jumped over the edge of a cliff.

I thought maybe it was dead or gone but then I see it jump from far below up into the air in the distance…still attacking the buzzards way off in the distance even though he was jumping from far below. Hilarious.

So lame that BL3 didn’t capitalize on such a gem of an enemy and instead we got anointed. YUK.

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