Gone! We can no longer knock things off ledges on Helio

Not just the Bosses now, everything on Helio is glued to the edge.

Your team has to take the slow route and kill the guards. :expressionless:

Wait… so instead of reducing the amount of knockback or stopped the loot/score falling off the map edge, they’ve fixed it so enemies can’t be knocked off??

Correct…Team of 5 last night testing it on Advanced, good thing it was before we had dinner because we got sick.

Oh gods. Just why… the amount of knockback on a map so easy to fall and die from was already a terrible idea. It goes past the point of being a challenge and is just cheap. Now the enemies don’t even obey the same laws of physics as the players are subjected to. GG Gbx.


…Our thoughts exactly, favors the NPCs over humans, which is a mindset I don’t understand.
Given they surely use modern thinking psychologists to create challenges in games, still this sort of thing seems wrong.

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