Gonna need some patches for the PC version due to pop

Pop just dropped below 1k recently on steam

story modes need some changed scaling as we frequently get parties of 2-3 for stories. Advanced is a huge wait, a partial group, and peeps bail mid attempt or fail at the end. Advanced needs major patching on PC.

Need some kind of handicap for peeps in bad matchmaking for PC cuz there isn’t enough players to keep the matchmaking system working properly. That or add full progression to bot modes as the player matches are obviously going to drop off as a meaningful option for a lot of players.

kinda lame really, they obviously designed battleborn mechanics around using a mouse and the mouse users are the ones quitting the game like crazy.

Pop? I’m confused.


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The missions already scale. None of that has anything to do with population (aside from pvp matchmaking, but I got into matches yesterday just fine).

Game’s gonna need a lot more than PVE patches to bring it back from the dead at this point :<
Alani was a rushed attempt at damage control and she only made it worse.

Have no issues with Incursion queue times or Story mode queue times. CST timezone from 6PM-1AM. Longest waits are probably 3 minutes tops, average probably 30-60 seconds.

Once again I feel this is an issue with timezone and living in a region that, for whatever reason, didn’t feel like buying BB.

The game is just about dead by now.

All they can do to improve matchmaking times is to remove all rules.

I concur with this one.

Game is going down as it was with SMNC, just let the remaining player have fun!

US East coast. 20 min queues. I play afternoons, evenings and late night. Also if you look at Steam stats the population is tanking. I love the game but it has issues :frowning:

I don’t know what to tell you, CST and all I play is Incursion and Story mode solo queues.

3 minute tops from 5PM-1AM. Tank your win rate? lol

20 minutes seems like the minimum for me too. US Est too.

I’m forced to go play something else because I can’t play this. It’s really saddening.

Look at this.

BB will ended up being a console game, There are twice more users on ps4 than PC. even XONE has more players.

Unfortunately, PC launch are doing more harm than good for BB, since the bad mouth are spread by PC users mostly. With reasons, that is a fact.