Gonna start a new Siren playtrough

And I’d like a companion to go trough with. Gonna start in a few days once I finish Fight for Sanctuary. Don’t have any DLCs and I’m not sure if I’m gonna get them yet. Here’s some rules to remember:

  • I’ll get the dibs on Maliwan SMGs, Transfusion grenades, Maliwan shields and Siren class mods. Everything else is yours for the taking, including the dib items I don’t take.
  • No rushing! Let’s stay together.
  • No picking every side mission! We can discuss which ones to take.
  • No actions that interrupt the dialogue, such as picking the item before the radio message about it is finished! I want to enjoy the story and dialogue. Of course, accidents can happen and it’s not anyone’s fault.
  • Gonna keep the game closed

These things aren’t necessary, but I’d still appreciate them.

  • I’d like you to not be a Siren
  • I’d like you not to play the character outside our playtroughs. I know BL3 adapts the damage in accordance to the player level, but too high-level character would still have all the abilities nay? I think it would be more meaningful for us to develop our characters at the same pace.
  • I’d like to keep the loot common, not instanced. Easier to check all available stuff then. And if you can agree on afromentioned share there’s no problem right?

I’ll be available to play at 9.00 to 21.00 (or 9.00 AM to 9.00 PM) UTC+2 time (UTC+3 from 28. of March).

PSN: Jubamon

I would join. I don’t mind, but my OCD wants me to complete all side quest. The first set of rules are pointless. Set the game Cooperation and everyone gets their own loot pool, no need to fight for loot. Good luck finding people to play with though. If something changes, let me know.


I already said why I’d prefer not to, didn’t you notice?

Ye, but if set to Cooperate then it effectively doubles what you are searching for with +1 buddy. Increases more with added people. I would not mind dropping whatever you are looking for if I find it.

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Coming from someone who is 99.9% solo player in Borderlands - what are the advantages of a co-op playthrough as described/requested here? Especially if you are playing with someone you don’t know.

Just curious.

Advantages to me or anyone joining me? And what exactly do you mean by “as described here”?

To you. You do have a pretty detailed list of requirements (which is fine - stating expectations is great), so I was curious how end result is going to be that different from a solo adventure.

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Hey, I can’t see your list of requirements :upside_down_face:

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How exactly are my requirements different from what one generally hopes from a co-op playtrough? Should co-op partners expect to go out on their own instead of facing enemies together? Pick any weapon they see regardless of if it would fit someone else’s playstyle more? Pick every side mission and make the mission log a cluttered mess? What exactly you think people desire from co-op?

Anyway, what I desire is simple. The joy of working together. Being part of a team and having a specific role. My character having certain aptitude that other teammates don’t, and them having their strong suits I don’t have in return. Sharing the spoils in accordance to whichever member benefits on which item the most.
It’s that satisfying feeling of distracting enemy on the frontlines, so your sniper pal can take the shot on it’s strongest guy undisturbed. Or being the sniper who can rely on their pals to do that. That’s what I play co-op for.

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The rules in a nutshell: I get Maliwan SMGs, Pistols, Shields and Siren classmods, let’s stay together, let’s not pick every side mission we see, no dialogue-interrupting actions, keeping the game closed.

Wishes I can bend about: No other Siren, keep the game mode coopetition.

Finished the fight for Sanctuary, so I’m gonna start this playtrough tomorrow. Last chance to join me if you want a closed game with coopetition mode.

I’d join luv, if we can Cooperation mode. I’ve been doing trying to do playthroughs with each character using the purple tree and what not. If you want to communicate with voices I can, but I can only do so in parties due to some weird limitations. Want to try out Zane.

Pardon me, what was the purple tree? Also what time would you like in what timezone? Also, I do have to mention that I ain’t gonna do all the side missions. Want to save some of them for future playtroughs.

Purple Tree is the 4th skill tree each character has via DLC 5. I am alive from just about any 10amto 6pm EST.

That late in my time huh? Well see ya if we happen to cross paths…

Okay so I started the playtrough, and not only no single person joined my game, but matchmaking didn’t find anyone either. Is something possibly buggy with my game or is the playerbase that small here in Europe?

You are at most, 6 hours ahead of me. We still fall in our time requirements.

BL3 matchmaking is defective. You were correct in making this thread and trying to find people.

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7 hours actually. Anyway I could play another time this evening, let’s say 12 am of your time, which should be tree hours and some minutes from this point. I’m at level 4, just started chapter 3.

Nift, i will send friend request then and join you. I am level 0 chapter 0. I didn’t start a character in case we played. Are we going to start a new?

Guess we could