Gonnnnneeeee, Not There, Disappeared

I went to my you beaut black market shop and bought 12 sniper bullets for 50 Eridium, clicked on the sniper bullets and it DISAPPEARED, gone, like, not there anymore, got my sniper bullets, now 132, but can’t buy anymore because there’s nothing there to buy, like, a blank space where the sniper logo was

If I wear a relic that says 28% more sniper bullets, nothing happens, just the same 132, great, a whole 132 bullets for the whole game.

All of the upgrades in the black market eridium shop can only be purchased a certain number of times, and after that, yes, they DO become ‘sold out’ or unavailable.

Wearing an ammo relic only gives you the extra room to carry more bullets, but not the bullets themselves. You still have to find or purchase the extra bullets to put in that extra space.


Yeah, the stuff you buy in the Black Market permanently increases Ammo/Backpack/Bank capacity so you can carry more as mentioned (but they do give ammo for free).
Ammo is bought from the green Marcus vendors or looted from enemies, boxes, chests, stuff like that. Relics don’t give bullets out of nowhere, as mentioned again.


this, though technically not free “Bullets” as it costs the eridium to buy more ammo spaces, it will fill your ammo up to the new amount without having to spend money.

I put this note here as you may know better then me BlackHeartV, the OP mentions that “bought 12 sniper bullets for 50 Eridium, clicked on the sniper bullets and it DISAPPEARED”, correct me if I am wrong , but isn’t it “100” Eridium for the final buy in the Black Market? Maybe something to do with play throughs?

True, I only really consider them free as they are a bonus.

You are right, the final upgrades for ammo cost 100 Eridium but he also mentions having 132 sniper rifle bullets which is the maximum without any relics or certain skills so it sounds more like a simple mistake.

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