Good Against Remote Is One Thing 🤯

Could someone plz help me with that trophy ?

That’s the only one missing for 100%

Be sure to get rewarded from me, when done, with anything you want (if I got it).


Yea, I remember this was a PITA to do solo. I can help you tomorrow night, if u still need it.

That would be so awesome !
I’ll be on in about half an hour, don’t know when it’s night at your time zone ^^

I’m USA EST (3 pm here now). I should be on in 4 hrs or so.

Mmh that’s 2 am here and I’ll have to get up at 4.30 am :sweat_smile:
Maybe on weekend and really thx just for the offer :hugs:

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When are you around until?

Today in about 1,5 hours and for about ~4 hours

I’ll load up, drop an invite, and we’ll knock it out

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