Good Anime Movies to Watch

Trying to build me a decent anime library and find some really good movies to watch. So far I’ve seen these films: Akira, Princess Mononoke, Nausica Valley, Memories (1,2,3), Paprika, Mind Games, Spirited Away, Neo Tokyo, Redline, Grave of the Fireflies, Kiki’s Delivery Service, The Cat Returns, Patema Inverted, Summer Wars, The Wind Rises, 5cm Per Second, Castle in the Sky, Sword of the Stranger, The Girl Who Lept Through Time, Wings of Honneamise, Wicked City, Demon City, Vampire Hunter D + Bloodlust, Hellsing Ultimate OVA’s 1-8, Barefoot Gen, Howl’s Moving Castle.

I’ve gotten quite addiction and need to find more anime movies to watch. I pretty much recommend all of them. Which ones would you recommend? I also need more horror type anime.

Wicked City. Haven’t heard that name in a lonnng time. I really don’t go for the anime movies, Bloodlust was good., Howl’s was good. Princess Monomoke, you pretty much hit them all. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen Akira.I would suggest Ghost in the Shell, anything you can find. It may not be horror but it’s always been solid anime viewing.


God I love Bloodlust.

It’s the anime I want to see a live action movie of the most.


Emperors new groove.

Idk anything about anime so I don’t know why I’m posting.
Only thing I can recommend is Barakamon.
Culture with some comedy and drama, 12 episode, highly recommend if you like all of that.

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I know a lot less movies than I do shows. Which isn’t a big list either.

Bloodlust, Akira, and Jin-Roh are probably the only three I solidly recommend regularly.

Who doesn’t love a gun that can cut down trees?


I’m just gonna stick around to see if I can find something to watch.
Engage lurk mode.

Jin Roh it is then. Also Redline is pretty awesome if you like Death Race type movies. The art style is great there. Yeah, I really wish the made more Vampire Hunter D movies. Then you have Paprika, Mind Games and Spirited away for mind f*ck type movies.

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Many great ones you already watched! I love Ghibli movies alot^^
Jin Roh! Great movie.

Also: Ghost in the Shell !!! Want to add more ! but I won´t. Its the best anime I know. The second movie GiTS:Innocence is truly a masterpiece as well. If you like philosophic themes, massive guns, tanks and cyborgs you´ll love it!

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Just saw you also recommend GiTS - love that movie alot! <3

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Yay, another GiTS fan!
This deserves a high-five.

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Wuuuuuuuhhhuuuu! clap
One of my biggest loves beside Halo and Borderlands. Saw the movie far to early when I was 7 years old and it blew my mind! Motoko Kusanagi is the most BADASS female character ever invented within the anime/manga scene, I´d give anything to be like the Major! /;O;/ Thats why I loved Athena so much, she´s like the Major just on Elpis/Pandora.

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I remember our local Blockbuster* had an anime section (which was, I thought, fairly unusual for one out in the “sticks”). It is where I came across many of the titles the OP mentions. My roommate had heard that “Akira was pretty good”, but this was largely our only exposure to anime up to this point. Shortly thereafter we had burned through that entire section (and the Internet began to mature and it turned out that it was a pretty big deal). Good times.

I will check some of those titles out. I would add to the list of recommendations Ninja Scroll.

*For the uninitiated, Blockbuster was a chain of brick-and-mortar businesses that would rent VHS tapes (and shortly before its demise, DVDs). I still, in fact, have Spirited Away on VHS with a working player.

GiTS is one of the anime’s that got me into the whole thing. Next to Digimon, Card Captor Sakura and Flint the Time Detective.

Still one of my favorites.

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Same here^^ Ohhhh Card Captor Sakura = the only magical girl anime I liked xD (heres a 90s girl that NEVER saw only one episode SailorMoon) and Digimon was my childhood.

Another deep impact was Hellsing OVA and Hellsing Ultimate. Alucard is f*ucking the best.

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Oh and “Blame” - great epical movie. Not much story, but great dark pictures.
(PS: not much story = I saw it in japanese without subs years ago, I simply can´t remember much xD )

Maybe you´ll also enjoy “Chrono Crusade”, “TRIGUN” and “Sayuki”, all three are series, but awesome.
TRIGUN is like Borderlands. Pretty much. Even the planets name is Pandora and its full of crazyness and guns + epic story. The Manga is magnificently too, Borderlands basic style always reminded me of TRIGUN.

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Might have watched Sailor Moon as I was younger, but I have no nostalgia attached to it, unlike the previously mentioned anime’s.

Watched (one of?) Hellsing movie, good stuff.

I’ll check these out! And apologies for not saying much, not really one for long replys.

Yeah, I was hooked after watching the first 3 OVA’s. Alucard was one badass protagonist.

As for Ghost in the Shell, I have the whole series but only watched like first 3 episodes. One with the tank is the last one I think. I’ve yet to get into it but it is awesome. Gotta watch movies too after.

Indeed he is^^

Interesting take on GitS, that way you´ll watch it in the right timeline (GitS:SAC plays before the first movie from 1995)
The series has it flaws, but I enjoyed it all along :slight_smile:

I don’t see Ponyo, Arrietty, My Neighbor Totoro, wolf children, or tales from earthsea.

Just make it anything studio Ghibli.