Good assault rifles for MH4?

Hi all,

I’ve been using the Disciplined Star Helix and Rowland’s Call for MH3, they did well but aren’t holding up all that great in MH4. My SMG’s really outshine them. What are some good assault rifles for MH4? I recently saw the Good JuJu which seems like it would do well. Anything else to look out for?

Q-Systsm. It dose around 900 to 1200 and is x2 it’s a purple Atlas Assult rifle. Its actively stronger then most Sniper rifles. Rowlands Call is still pretty good because of its ammo efficiency and its the main reason I use it on Zane and FL4K.

A good anointed Faisor can be okay. The Atlas Q system is tough to beat. Finally, The Dictator.

Lol I’ve got one that’s in the mid 1000’s x2 that I used in the first playthrough. Never thought of going back to it once I started getting legendaries. They’re powerful but I find the fire rate a bit slow. The atlas sytems were my main guns before starting mayhem mode.

Oh, got a few Faiser I can test out, got a dictator too.

Carrier (with bonus elemental damage skills/anointments)

I forgot about the Bekah. Reward for finishing Hammerlock’s hunts.

Rowan’s call really isn’t cutting it on m4 for you? I like an annexed damned too honestly.

An anointed x2 Shreddifier can do work in a bottomless moze’s hands.

Moze on a Green Monster with on an anointed Faisor with 125% incendiary damage is strong. This is on rifle mode.

Moze on a Blast Master with the same Faisor on shotgun mode is strong. I run both builds.

Dictators are really good against bosses specially the X6 and Bottomless Moze