Good build for casual play

whats a good build thats can use a variety of weapons and good for just killing level 72 bosses and enemies no raid bosses or op levels im not doing those

There’s a lot of variables. How much Anarchy do you want? Do you want Deathtrap to help or just be a distraction? Do you want to primary Shock gear with other elements as backup or focus on matching element? Are you a more aggressive player or are you more reserved? What class mod do you plan on using?

Get Upshot Robot, Discord and choose one of DT capstones (Sharing is Caring for FotFH spam/Roid shields or Make it Sparkle for element matching).
Dont need to pre stack, DT helping a lot and Discord allows you to use any gun in the game by boosting your accuracy or lowering your stack count.

Hope it helps!

i defeinitly want deathtrap to help and anarchy im not to sure 50 so i can still be alittle accurate

This is a build for all weapons with some DT help, and the last 5 points can go where ever you see fit. If you’d rather have a shock build with better DT involvement, go with this:

If you’re going with BSS, you probably don’t need Fancy Maths or Myelin.

I always put them together because it helps a lot in staying up when moving from enemy to enemy

I agree with Gulf about Fancy math, between BSS and UF, you really arn’t getting much out of it. Myelin is alright, if you’re going down LBT, it’s better than more pep, but it isn’t something I’d go out of my way to get.
I came up with this build to use for raid bosses and farming using a Legendary Roboteer class mod and mainly Fibbers, Lady Fists, Blockhead and Heart Breaker for weapons. Don’t worry- it also works well for general game play as well. I also have a True Neutral class mod from the Tiny Tina dlc so I can use an Infinity with her as well…

So I took a second look at the tree you posted, ACNAero, and I would move the points from Fancy math to MoSS, it’s not a fantastic skill, by any strech of the imagination, but it will give DT a decent damage boost. And the DR isn’t bad, espically seeing as there is almost no DR anywhere else in this build.

Thanks for the help

Thing is with MoSS, it’s DR is really only good when used with a Blockade, and he said he wasn’t going to bother with raids, so I didn’t see much reason to put MoSS.

Because of the way DR stacks, you’re actually getting more out of MoSS without the Blockade. you probably won’t notice it as much because it’s less DR over all though.
I would recomend running as powerful a roid shield as you can find with this build, because Gaige can tank with pretty much any shield and the roid bonus will make DT cary you.