Good build for zane

Hey all i am just looking for a good solid build and a good set of gear fo the build. I am trying to complete slauter on mayham 3 and i cant even get through the first wave. Any advice and tips would be helpful… if u have extra gear just in game mail it or pm me on xbox

Lots of good builds around here like 1 shot builds, pistol builds, cryo builds etc… pick one you think you would like and tune it to your playstyle. I recommend a build look it up on youtube its called Bully Build Zane. It’s basically a rough rider build centered around keeping ur active and kill skills up at all times with CCC as long as ur freezing things, as always tune it to your playstyle dont copy build for build.

Im def going to try this thanks alot i actually have the nade he is useing in my bank have found lots of cryo guns