Good, but No More

(Marhathor) #1

This is a great game that may have a nice, large future ahead of itself.
This makes me wonder, why are there so little graphical options?
I game on a good laptop, but the graphics card is terrible.
Now, the overall optimasation of the game is great, and resolution scale does a lot.
But if I want to play with 60fps, I need a resolution scale of 5, where the whole screen looks like weird, confusing pixelart.
I hope quality options will soon be added and I hope they will make a big difference.

Now I know not a lot of people CAN play the game, but that’s no excuse for a low playerbase.
Finding a match requires challenging a player or being challenged by one.
And in the matches I did get, it wasn’t too interesting just to hear someone you can’t find jumping around, whist he can’t find you.
It’s a game of hide and seek and I don’t particularly like that, as should the majority.
Now, if your game only requires 2 players for a match, I think matchmaking should be quite easy.
Though balance may still be a problem

And there comes my third topic, balance.
I’ve not played a lot yet, but what I’ve played was pretty off.
I got a triple kill (could’ve been more) by just placing a turret somewhere, all whilst hitting a single shot from my railgun in the whole match.
You may say “Lol git gud scrub” but really, as a new player, this is not making my experience any better.
So, I switched to my secondary. It was a yellow/gold card, so it must be amazing right? No.
Just some gun that fires bullets slower than the enemy player, dealing no damage whatsoever.
Thus, I think weapon balance and matchup balance both need some work.

Furthermore, I think a good introduction would be nice.
Bot matches and maybe a tutorial, though that isn’t necessary, would be a nice addition.

Like I said, the game is good.
The basic idea of the game is visible and it’s working.
It just needs development. That’s all it takes to make this good game into a great game.
-The opinion of an ultimately new player, sharing the experience of just trying to get into the game.


(Might 94) #2

That is because that weapon has tracking. You fire and the bullets trace a route by themselves to your enemy. If this weapon’s projectiles flies fast, you immediately have an OP weapon.
AND this weapon has a secondary function.

If you bothered to go to the equipping section to read, you will have a basic understanding that this weapon allows you to regenerate any skills that has a COUNTER to it. Though the process is quite convoluted (requires you to shoot a glowing orb and then collect it), it is STILL something more unique that it just being a yellow weapon to look nice.


(Marhathor) #3

There’s OP and there’s trash.
Trading damage for reliability is good.
But just like the resulotion scale, it goes too far on it.
It doesn’t miss overall… But it doesn’t hit during the fight.
Neither of us are professional balancing experts though, are we?
I’m just saying it needs work.
As for the secondary function, it seems cool, but isn’t overwhelming.