Good character to play after the patch/hotfix?

hi so i havent beat the game yet but im wondering which character would be best to “main” i guess now that the game has been changed again. if you could also recommend me a good leveling build to use that would be awesome. (btw i played flak before but i stopped after the last nerf)

Not the answer you’re looking for but all the characters are more than viable and have an approach to dealing with all content in the game at endgame. It’s up to you on how you like to play and which character’s kit suits that


well i heard that amara is one of the most well rounded now after the patch but that her best leveling build (brawl) is probably the weakest of all characters against bosses for example.

If by brawl you mean melee then I’d say that melee amara is perfectly viable in endgame even if it isnt as strong as other builds. But yea melee amara isn’t great against bosses, but on bosses that you can reach with melee it can still work

The main issue I see with it is if you spec too far into the survival tree for your guardian ranks and unlock the skill that recharges your shields upon kill. But if you haven’t melee amara should work with a decent parted face puncher, roid shield and optimized build

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Amara is great.
Could start with the brawl tree just for survivability lvl 23 skills
You can respec into elemental tree later if u wants. I would wait until you’re ~ lvl 28 to max the tree and get 5/5 in Sustainment. Would rush to get helping hand(s) after maxing elemental tree.
That’s how I leveled her, was a breeze once I got to lvl 28

Honestly tho, the character you “main” should be the one you enjoy most.

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thank you! ill try this build out . about the character i enjoy most, i think theyre all pretty fun but i have a problem with wanting to end up playing the best character and trying to get it min/maxxed which ends up frustrating me so i kinda stop playing altogether and the recent patches/hotfixes make it difficult to keep up with min/maxing if that makes sense lol

I sort of suggest to play what you like the best, because for the next year+ there will be wild changes all around.

Even patches aside, DLCs will bring new items, weapons and what not and suddenly things will go upside down as far as balance goes.

Side note, I’d be somewhat wary of Amara in the long term. Most of her melee stuff is additive and she is sort of reliant on a specifc weapon on top of that, so kinda locked in there.

Right now she wrecks nicely, but I wonder whether all these additive bonuses scale that well compared to new weapons and stuff introduced in DLCs.

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there’s no bad pick, honestly. i’ve leveled all 4 to lvl 50. Zane were the last one and everywhere i went, zane was garbage. which were so supprising to me because he was not only the most fun out of all classes to me, he also were the one i that cleared mobs fastest out of all of them while leveling. i had some very lucky drops along the way though, like the legendary cold warrior class mod that increase status effect chance for example… and a relic that increase damage done vs frozen + increase freeze chance… both these drops came around lvl 30, then at lvl 40 i had a cryo horizon shotgun and a cryo crossroads smg… these 4 items melted everything in my path while keeping both action skills up 100% of the time. it was stupid, and super fun… annointed and freeze resist enemies were a stop gap sometimes though, but nothing that a tediore mirv can’t handle lol !

Point is, pick the one that seem most interesting to you - don’t base your pick on who’s “best”. some times what’s regarded as best is also least fun to play, to me anyway. Also, people seem to be obsessed with measure who’s best by killing graveward the fastest.


They are all plenty capable of doing everything in the game.

Play who is the most fun for you

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After the nerf to FL4K I was getting killed too much so I quickly leveled Amara to lvl 50 and let me tell you she is a tank, and also a wizard with elemental weapons. With an invulnerability relic and Guardian Angel (her skill that revives her when in FFYL) I just never die (in Mayham 3). I only leveled Moze to lvl 23 and haven’t played Zane yet, but I can’t imagine them being any better than Amara. That’s my two cents, HTH.


what tree did you focus on while leveling amara?

Only play Amara if you’re ready for playing with broken skills or skills that don’t do what they say everywhere. I swear a quarter of her skills have some kind of bug or issue. They managed to fix one of them now a month after release, but the other they attempted to fix they just broke even more and made it useless (Glamour).

While it’s true that Amaras skills are quite bugged, she is still good even without using Phasezerker + Phasegrasp stacking + Do Harm. When I run with Ties That Bind + Allure (no Do Harm) it still feels powerful. Good elemental weapons and her synergies with elemental damage work pretty well in M3.

I put most into the Brawl tree but I didn’t put any points into any of the melee skills. I also put a lot into Fist of the Elements tree. The only points I put in Mystical Assault tree was into the Fast Hands skill.