Good characters for new moba players

So battleborn is the first moba my gf and I have played together. I’m really enjoying every aspect she not so much. She struggles during online play. She likes to run up and be in the thick of the fight. I’ve tried to convince her to play oscar mike but she says he is to plain. So what other characters can get into the fight and survive. I was thinking caldarius but idk. I need help or she won’t want to play anymore.

Keep convincing her to play Oscar mike as soon as she hears some of his lines(which are hilarious) shell like him…i avoided him at first to but after playing him I noticed how funny he is

Thorn is super easy and borderline OP (although people will disagree). She can stay alive with the mobility and just land blights for days on minions for easy XP. Once she gets the ult the volley, blight, ult combo can easily get triple kills or more.

A common misconception is Thorn is hard because of the arrows. You can wreck without ever using a single arrow.

Edit: although, Boulder is probably the best at staying in the thick of things and getting out alive.

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Absolutely not Caldarius. He’s really squishy and has pretty mediocre damage, and relies on knowing exactly where he is all the time. For a character that can just kinda run in and derp around without too much risk, I’d recommend either Shayne & Aurox or Kelvin. Neither of them are too complex, they’re both pretty beefy and difficult to kill, they have good crowd control, and a get out of jail free button (stealth and Sublimate, respectively). They’re pretty easy to pick up and play, especially S&A since their kit is designed around just walking around, grabbing people, and beating them up.

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Caldy is probably a bad suggestion… If she likes being in the middle of everything someone who can take a beating is probably a good idea… Boldur if she can stay hiding behind a shield, Shane and aurox if she wants to be sneaky, orendi is like om, but weirder (both great wave clear characters)

Have her try Mellka; She can brawl, deal a lot of damage-over-time with her Venom Canisters and general bullet hosing, and has a good amount of utility she can get from her skills. Shes a high skill cap character, however, and wont be the easiest hero to pick up and do well with. She can certainly fight in the front lines but has trouble surviving once youre focused on but has incredible mobility due to her Claw Lunge (Allowing her to shoot even straight upwards into the air) and can use it as an escape to survive even the scariest of CCs, assuming you have them reaction times.

Not an easy hero to master but easy to learn. Shes a good mixture of brawling and picking your engagements. Id say give her a try but be warned; Shes not gonna give you kills for nothing, you still gotta work for it and focus survivability, not all out in-your-face war.

Exactly! He´s VERY vulnerable.

I can recommend Galilea or Oscar Mike as solid start. I started PvP as Orendi, which is fun but you´re very fast dead. Mellka is good since she´s very agile and hard to hit thanks to her tiny hitbox.
Shayne & Aurox could be great, but she should try them in PvE first to see if she can get a hang of these two :slight_smile:
Galilea is always at the battlefront, has a shield and selfeal, OM and Orendi are heavy DDs, Shayne & Aurox are heavy brawlers with crazy overshield skills.

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Caldy is a bad choice, he’s really squishy and doesn’t do much damage. He can be amazing but he’s tough to play. I guess I’m in the minority but I’d recommend ISIC or Montana. They have a lot of HP and toughness and can put out a constant stream of fire. Shayne & Aurox are pretty beefy too and have a good mix of melee and range attacks. Galilea wouldn’t be a bad pick but she is pretty much pure melee, so that could be problematic for her.

If you’re new to the pvp, there are a few criteria you should consider when picking a character.

  1. You should probably stay away from late game characters because you may get beat up on too early to ever make it to the late game. This includes, boldur, attikus, orendi, rath, el dragon, and phoebe

  2. Stay away from characters that have trouble leveling. Falling behind in levels is the worst for new players because it can be like quicksand to them. Instead find characters that can easily tag minions for xp and don’t require the enemy to make mistakes to gain level advantage. So stay away from: again Attikus and boldur, but also stay away from whiskey foxtrot, and deande.

Now considering those criteria, if she is looking for someone more beefy and frontline in their role then I would recommend Shane&Aurox, isic, or Kelvin, maybe even montana If she takes the time to practice getting stuns off of his dash.

ISIC and Kelvin are both much, much harder to play than Boldur in their current state… With Boldur you just have to remember to hold LT and look at the bad guys for the most part…

Montana requires a good support to be effective, but he would work I agree.

Idk in my experience for new players boldur is hard to level. I know it might not seem like it to you because you’re a good boldur player, but learning when to turtle and when to attack is something that takes time for a new player to learn.

Pretty much anyone who can take a lot of damage if she is trying to get up close and personal.

If you’re looking for simple though without a high skill curve I would think first would be Oscar Mike (even if he is “plain”), Rath (Spin2Win), Shayne and Aurox has good damage and surviveability, Orendi is fast paced but simplistic in thought and if she has really good accuracy Marquis is stupid simple.

Well, agreed, except you have to learn that same process with ISIC currently, and instead of just LT to hold, you have to balance LT and RB and your shield regen at the same time…

And Kelvin’s engagement cycle is almost completely dependent on teammates backing you up, while juggling his passive which you have to use to be effective, and popping chomp on minions to get your health up so you won’t die.

I guess it’s been a little different when I introduce people to Boldur… I just tell them to hold LT and wait until they feel safe to hit things lol

My suggestion is Montana because he has high survivability and isn’t too complex to play. With proper Helix choices playing him should be a lot easier than most characters. That’s my go to character if I want to take things easy.

Alternatively Miko is good for beginners for PvE. That’s a rather relaxing char too since everyone just expects you to heal, and that means following people around and patching them up. Not nearly as intense as other chars in PvE setting. I don’t recommend healers in PvP setting because she’s going to have a target behind her back at all times.

Thing is even a tank character will get demolished in the thick of battle without support and healers. Have her get Galilea or Montana and help her out with miko or Alani.

True. Montana + Miko is deadly.

Thank you everyone. Ive mostly played oscar mike, maybe I should focus more on keeping her in the fight. So who is a better support alani or miko

Miko is a support who is very dependent on his teammates while Alani CAN support but she can also handle herself.

Alani is the more satisfying play for most people, I feel like. Her healing relies on hitting, so you fight for yourself, attend to your friend, lather, rinse, repeat.

Miko involves a LOT of dedicated healing beam use, being essentially a life caddy who occasionally throws out some AoE.

As for starting characters, I still consider myself pretty much a noob to MOBA, but having a long history as a tabletop/strategy gamer gives me a very good understanding of the roles each character plays. It’s a big Venn diagram really, with Attack, Support, Control/AoE and Defense/Evasion as the main circles. There’s a ton more nuance than that, of course.

Oscar Mike was the first character I really glommed on to. His rifle makes for an easy-to-understand primary weapon, as it’s so similar to what is found in so many other FPS. It rock and rolls when you hold the trigger, has options for a scope, and you reload it. His Fragcendiary grenade really hands out the damage, especially in waves, and he has a combo escape button/position setter with stealth.

I’m a fan of Boldur, because I also like bricks. One of the lessons is alternating shield with attacking, but when enemies are close, your finger should always be on ONE of those two buttons.

I feel like Monty is a hard choice for a beginner in PvP, actually, just because he’s such a big target. I haven’t gotten the hang of him at all. Maybe it’s just I’ve mostly caught matches with excellent opponents playing Marquis or one of the other deadly critmaster characters, but every time I put Monty on the field I get headshot a LOT. Even when I’m moving. I love Monty in story mode, tho.

One lesson I feel is really important (that I’m still learning) is lateral/diagonal movement while firing and advancing. Too many good players out there will ring your bell (like all those Marquises) if you just push in a straight line.

I recommend Story Mode to encourage reticent players like your GF. Let her take Monty, you take Miko and just lock on the healing. I think she’ll develop a taste for spraying hot lead all over the more easily-dispatched thralls, and from there she’ll find more confidence and enjoyment in PvP.

If she doesn’t mind hit and running, she could try Mellka. She can lay down a quick cc and deal some damage. Whatever character she picks though, she has to be ready to retreat at a moments notice. A lot of characters really start to shine level 5+. Staying in a fight before that can be detrimental to the team.