Good characters for PvE?

Ive tried Benedict and I love the gameplay, I love shooting rockets and I love his Ult, but I either play like ■■■■, or he’s underpowered because I often have the lowest damage dealt and lowest amount of kills.
I want to try some other characters, but I’m not sure which one would fit me best.

  • I don’t want to be too squishy. Being tanky is ok, but not a must. But just not super squishy
  • I totally hate being a sniper
  • I love brutal weapons and I’m not a fan of melee: shotguns, bombs, explosions, bullet-hoses, rockets are all great. Sniper rifles, bow and arrow and melee, not so much

That’s about it. Which one is good in PVE for this? I know I could just try out all of them which I plan on doing, but I’d like to at least have a good main.
Too bad Benedict is so weak. I love playing him but the stats I see at the end of the mission… my team will think I’m useless. I haven’t reached his final Helix mutation though. I heard the Ult leaving a pool of napalm is really devastating.

Whiskey Foxtrot is actually surprisingly good in pve. His Napalm/Triple Threat combo lets him do really good damage to groups, and his ult shreds bosses really quickly with his critical hit dps. Plus he has a bullet hose, a bomb, and a scrap shotgun.

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OM is darn near king. He is a minion murderer. They want to teleport or dropship in? Nuke or Napalm em. Tons of enemies wanna charge you? Nuke or Napalm em so they die as they run through. Getting beat up a bit? Take a break with cloak. Need a teammate revived but you’re afraid of getting hurt? Cloak in and pick him up. Enemies out in the distance? Use the scope helix and pick em off.

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Oh, how much you are missing on a pve roflstomp “why are there only two difficulties” powerhouse that is Thorn:)

Other than that, I think Oscar Mike is a no-brainer.

I’m a fan of Montana myself. Love Thorn, but tanky and bullet hose is about the definition of Montana.

ISIC… you’r labeled as a tank, but once you hit lvl 5 you get your ult Omega Strike and basically become a walking death machine with twin machine guns and a cannon

As a funky suggest have you tried Kleese? First of all, he rides in style on a sweet Battle Throne of Doom (complete with two cup holders). He can link his rifts together like an electric fence of pain. The best part is pve enemies act like it dispenses single malt scotch and tummy rubs because they charge into the ring of doom constantly. If they do get away you can ultimate and bring them back to the rest of the lemmings. His helix allows you friends to believe you’re playing support and then they want to protect you as some jennerit is eating a wrist taser. Kleese is a brutal weapon through proper positioning and territory denial disguised as a retiree with a digital kitty.


OMG, Thorn is a total badass. I took her out on The Renegade solo, and the Thralls fell like flies. Headshots all day long. Volley rips through groups and her ult is brutal. I just got too swamped at the end, so i failed it, but if i tried again i bet i could do better.

In short, Thorn rocks.

This is also true. Just…So. Much. Dakka.

You can never have enough Dakka…

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I tried OM and WF, both are fun but they’re often already taken if you play with unique characters. Tried Toby as well but I’m not sure how to fully use his potential.
I also tried Montana. Did low damage, but took more than double the damage of the rest.

Next try will be ISIC.

I still love Benedict most gameplay wise. It’s simple, it’s rockets and explosions. But my overall damage dealt is low… I either suck, or I choose wrong helix choices.
Though I think I need to learn to aim his rockets at the heads better to score more crits. I guess this is just a question of practice?

Didn’t play Benedict much, but he seems to be there for the AoE, mostly. You can deal critical attacks with his rockets but it’s fairly difficult without taking the helix option that speeds them up (and even then you have to deal with wonky hitboxes and the enemies wobbling their heads all over the place). He also benefits from having reload speed gear. I’d say it’s almost a must for him.

Toby is basically a sniper. You put down your shield wall, pick all the helix choices that improve shots that go through the wall (and the one that multiplies it into three shots when you can) and try to get all the headshots. Unlike Marquis, his shots have travel time, so you can’t be TOO far. But it’s fairly good at picking up mobs from far away, since they don’t move as erratically as players.
Once you get the triple-shot you can deal even more damage by sitting VERY close to your target so that all three shots hit it (two of them fan out). Or keep at a distance to hit more targets. He’s pretty good.

I think the only other character that fits your three points is Ghalt. Though I think he might be a bit squishy? I’m not sure. Oh, and there’s also Caldarius, who can work as a close-range shooter if you aim for headshots. But I’m not convinced of his survival capabilities.

Yeah I gave Toby a shot. Before giving ISIC a shot actually. Toby was… really ****ing hilarious to play.
The very first time I played him a week or two ago it felt too gimmicky. Wanted to give him another shot and I don’t know how, but everything became very instinctive: fire the ARC mine, plop down the shield, shoot through it, incinerate everything that looks ugly with the Ultimate… I did pretty well as him too. My score was higher, my damage was better and I actually soaked up a lot of enemy hits for the team being a somewhat semi-tank.

And he’s adorable too. A tiny adorable bird that yells and curses.

I think he’s my second favorite.


I concur whole heartedly. No one mentions his ultimate is semi permanent. Only thing that stops it is pressing triangle or getting ccd. With no time limit you can stay in turret mode and watch enemies and bosses melt.

Edit: I have yet to be beaten in damage done while playing ISIC. An Oscar Mike got close. Close being me at 260k damage and him at 170k…

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Benedict is indeed among the worst, perhaps the worst, hero for the campaign. What makes him effective in versus is just not very useful against AI.

Some of my favourite heroes for the campaign are Rath, Montana, Phoebe, Kleese (for the “defend” episodes), Oscar Mike, and Toby. All of these can do tremendous damage played well, particularly Rath, where it is not uncommon to get up around 300 kills doing some of the longer episodes with a lot of targets (like The Renegade).

PVE- all 3 skills are somewhat AOE and then spray and pray while you’re on cool down. Plus the high mobility.
PVP- still thorn for above reasons lol
(No not a thorn lover at all) :sunglasses:

Whiskey Foxtrot after he gets a few character levels to get Napalm and Killer Regen becomes self sufficient in healing letting you heal between fights without scavenging for healing items or needing a healer while his Napalm gives him AoE for killing groups of mobs with ease.

Oscar Mike is a no brainer with his impact Fragcendiary Grenades, Airstrike and the fact that stealthing causes the AI to just wander around you.


ISIC is the best damage dealer out there in PVE, the only ones that can come close to him is a good Kleese/Miko in Renegade with the spawnpoints at the very end. Other characters just don’t have a chance against him though I have gotten close a few times as Oscar Mike and Galilea.

Other solid characters that fit your criteria would be Oscar Mike, Whiskey Foxtrot, Montana (grab a healer and you can keep firing forever) and Kleese (semi support with wicked damage and healing).

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Any character with high aoe damage and high single target damage is great for pve in my opinion. Also any kind of activatable sustain is vital.
Benedict is almost all about the aoe damage as he really shines vs clusters of enemies. Even moreso when enemies are just spawning in (void portals, anchors and beastmasters). For single targets he struggles although isn’t completely useless. He does have an ability to force his shield to start regenerating and can fly away in open areas.