Good Gear for Oscar-Mike?

So I’ve been playing Oscsr-Mike almost exclusively trying to complete his lore challenges, to get his Tactical Accelerator gear, but I want to know if there are any other gear pieces I should use, and which are absolutely useless so I can sell them and stop hoarding them (Borderlands, 'nuff said)

I use reload speed, attack power and skill dmg or regen or shield or movement/attack speed or recoil

Voxis core, bolas target and free shard

I use every rarity, reload + reload, attack + speed after a crit is good too or white gear if i want to spam buildables

Om has a decent dmg, if you can land crits use crit power and att power that can be rly powerfull vs healers exept alani… she is slim

Nice to know I’ve been doing something right. I got a legendary reload mod that I’ve been using almost exclusively. Is it better to use all legendaries or mix in some gear that doesn’t cost as many shards?

That depends on the gear and your build.

Not all legendaries worth the amoun, some give a tiny buff compared non legendaries.

Also consider how fast you need your gear buff, example benedict this guy has an awfull reload speed, save shards for a legendary reload speed usually dont worth it.
You are slowing down your early gameplay but if you have his lore legendary it worth it because it gives att power and this beautiful legendary effect that reduce Hawkeye cd in 1 sec per rocket landed while flying, this mean a flat 4-5 sec cd reduction after landing Hawkeye and jumping to activate is effect. Now you can reload and fire to minions to get it back asap.

Vyns quiver gives reload+regen and regen when reloading close to max amo, does that effect empowers your game play as benedict? Maybe with om but are you sure you want to pay 750 extra shards for that extra regen? You could buy a tire1+2 turret or 1 fat minion.

I’m in Queensland, Australia, so I can’t get a multiplayer match, which is annoying to say the least, but I have discovered the usefullness of buildables. Is recoil important on gear or should I instead go for a cc reduction?

I use this;

Sketchy "Easy Money

  • +2.10 Bonus Shards per Second
  • -14.00% Heal Power

Rejuvenating Stalker Rounds

  • +21.00% Reload Speed
  • +7.00 Health Regeneration

Fortified Golemic Sigil

  • +9.10% Skill Damage
  • +210 Maximum Health

I always value having survivability baked into my loadouts. Having Eldrid pieces of gear is perfect in my eyes as they offer a nice balance between survivability and other traits which you may want to boost. In this case specifically I go for Reload Speed to reduce the downtime between magasines and Skill Damage to increase the burst damage Oscar Mike can dish out through his frag grenade and airstrike.


I’d suggest recoil reduction. Both recoil reduction and CC reduction have relatively low bonuses on their own, but recoil reduction is the most noticable and the one that you’ll get most use out of. But it’s also somewhat dependant on personal skill, how good are you at managing the recoil?

I used to run Rifleman’s Shot-Lock Stock which gave -17.50% recoil and an additional -14.00 recoil for 5 seconds after completing a reload on Whiskey Foxtrot which helped a bit. But it’s primarily personal preference.


For incursion, I usually use a free shard generator (- heal power), cheap attack damage, and Bola’s Target Finder. I ignore gear early to level faster from building, and only worry about legendaries after I reach level 5.

For other pvp modes, I just use free building loadouts, usually shard gen + wrench + health regen.

For pve, gear doesn’t matter as much as long as you bring at least one health regeneration item.

As for stats that don’t matter, heal power, healing received, and CC reduction are all nearly useless for Oscar Mike. Damage reduction, attack speed, critical hit damage, and recoil reduction should also be low priorities compared to more useful stats.

For pve, triple legendaries can work depending on the map, but the legendary effects aren’t usually worth the shards. Also, many of the more difficult areas come early in missions, so you often want at least some gear available early.

For pvp, you almost always want a cheaper loadout so that you can build more and level faster.

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uhm may be perosnal preference but these three are to sweet to be on low prio, sure compared to skilldmg, but you can combine:


with attack speed and reload speed, add his tactical rounds and you become one of the best burst damagers ingame, but like I said, may be personal preference

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Stable Executioner boosts attack damage, which is one of the best stats for OM, and reload speed isn’t bad either.

Attack speed is weak because in extended fights, OM is only actually shooting about 60% of the time, so attack speed will be less effective. Combined with attack speed’s smaller base value on gear, this means that attack damage secondary effects will out-DPS attack speed primary effects.

As for the others, crit damage is weak because it does barely more damage than attack damage while being much more situational, and recoil reduction can be ignored with good aim.

Technically, your Attack Damage remains unchanged. On the original version of the item you could stack Critical Hit Damage, but with the current wording it’s always a maximum of 20% chance for a 150% Damage hit.

Also, if you’re actually building around the Executioner, going for Attack Speed over Damage is actually more effective. Overall DPS might still favor going straight for Attack Damage (I’d have to calculate the cyclical DPS to make sure, though), but the true utility in an Executioner build lies in the burst damage potential.
It’s all about being able to kill the opponent in less time than one would expect from OMs normal damage output. Basically, you’re ‘sharing’ your disadvantage (not being able to tell when the Executioner will procc) with your enemy (not knowing if it will take 2 or 4 seconds for you to kill them).

There is a downside to this playstyle: Due to its inherent unpredictability, you have to cloak and retreat if things go south. Or more precisely, be able to decide between fight and flight in a split second.

Legendary builds aside, I only consider Reload Speed mandatory on OM. It’s usually the first item I activate, mainly due to its extreme utility before Level 5 (Doubletap).
Going for the pure Gun DPS Loadout (Reload Speed/Attack Damage/Attack Speed) seemed the best stat priority to me.
As others have pointed out, Skill damage also has its benefits, improving Grenade/Air Strike damage.

I actually just meant that SE boosts the damage of your attacks, but I don’t have much experience actually using it. I tested it in the dojo just now and found that the +50% isn’t boosted by attack damage, so attack speed would be better in that case.

However, Stable Executioner’s bonus damage also ignores Tactical Rounds bonus damage, which makes it much worse than advertised on Oscar Mike.