Good Gear for Phoebe

Hello everyone, I’ve been playing phoebe a lot lately and i love her especially when i got her legendary. I find it useful but i wanna veer away from it because it feels a little too gimmicky, so in what direction should i spec her gear wise?

Also i’ve tried a new build for her that makes her a bit more tanky, it works kinda well but needs tweaking. Thoughts?,-1,-1,-1,-1,0,-1,1,0,-1,

With your level 2, 3, and 5 choices you’re missing out on three of her best skills: Phase Distortion, Crosscut, and Blade Sweep. Tanking Phoebe sounds great in theory, I had this exact idea during the CTT, but in practice it detracts from her role as an assassin. Even if you prefer a tanky brawler to a high DPS assassin, don’t not take Phase Distortion at level 2, never pass up CC and especially not a six second heavy slow.

For this build I’d suggest max health and shield capacity to keep with the tanky brawler theme, but I wouldn’t recommend using this build in PvP, Attikus is an example of a tanky brawler and even with a full DPS build/loadout on Phoebe he can still 1v1 her, maybe give him a try I think he’s more what you’re looking for.

Thank you for your input. I’m aware of those three godly helix choices as i normally use those when i run her, i just wanted to try something new. My thought on it was if i could out live my opponent, i’d be the last one standing, but as you said it’s good in theory but sadly not to be. And don’t worry i’ll eventually get around to big daddy Atti.

on another point ive kinda been relying one her blade sweep/legendary combo for a bit too long do you have any recommendations on gear for her?

I tried something similar to a tanky Phoebe once, and I went up against another phoebe and would always win the 1v1. The thing that helped a lot was the helix choices (even for a tanky build, the slow at level 2 cannot even be ignored, like EVER) and the Legendary Vibro-core module.

You could also try the intermittent Angel and/or the Alamo-7/Blissbeast Skull Plate.

Usually just going with Left Helix on 3 is enough with the right gear.

If you want to play an assassin Phoebe Vow of Vengeance and/or Boots of the Brute are very deadly on her. I usually go for BotB and VoV along with a free shard gen. as her loadout.

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With a tank build you can run for max health, shield, and damage reduction. Low cost blues/green that dubble up on its stats that arnt hard to activate the second part for phebe. One of them with health regen on it wouldent be bad either.

As for me i usually go with this…,1,1,-1,-1,0,1,1,0,1,
And with gear i use vow of vengence, and a dubble attack speed blue. The 3rd dosent matter as much, i can wreck with just those but i do use oath of the sustained becouse i cant trust my teamates to heal me.

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nice! thnx for the info! what i like is that your build is similar to how i run her so i might be able to pick it up fast, now if only Hylis would freakin drop VoV for me :unamused:

No problem. as for vov, If you dont have it you could sub a blue/green dubble attack, or attack damage/speed. I think the difference would be 4% attack damage and 4% attack speed (assuming the seccondary is easy to get off). You also dont have to mine shards as hard but phebe is fast enough to where thats not too out of the way.

cool i happen to have a AD gear with bonus AS after a melee hit on her

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