Good Gear For Toby?

What gear do you think works best for Toby?

I think shield regen can really compliment Toby, especially if you get the Helix point where you can pretty much double his shield capacity. Helps when retreating and giving a little extra less time to get back into the fold.

I also think that the shield penetration can work for Toby as well. A good blast from his Railgun can take out most of a shield when in higher levels, but shield penetration can give just a bit of a cherry on top to a good blast, especially on an enemy with low health and a high shield.

I also think that shard regeneration is a great choice for Toby on Incursion. Due to how territorial he is, he will always be the back of the ground, and the nearest to activate the home bases turrets and spawn in a big bot.

What gear would you suggest for Toby?

Attack damage, his charged shots are already powerful adding to that just makes him a even better sniper.
Health regen he’ll be out of combat in the back lines to benefit from the slow restoration after escaping any enemy that does damage you
Vyn’s quiver, the reload boost is useless but slowing a enemy that you are sniping is amazing eg first shot takes out shield and because they are slowed they can’t avoid the second being a critical and anyone who isn’t a tank will be almost dead at that point and trying to flee. If there’s a better slow applying legendary let me know


I personally really like speed buffs, crit mods, and damage, and cool downs for stun mine getaways.

By chance does anybody know if attack speed gear effects his railgun’s charge time?

I’m pretty sure attack speed does effect his charge time, but I’m not home to test it right now. It does effect isic in a similar fashion though so it would make sense

Nope it doesn’t
For isic his charge time is still the same. Just the number of smaller shots before your big shot is more. But the time to charge the big shot is the same.

Likewise for Toby. His charge time is unaffected. His post shot delay is unaffected by items as well. Only thing that boost it is the helix skill.


  1. #1 “The Double Hug” ( Tobys Legendary ), cool down ( good to have), movement speed ( meh ok ), 2 arc mines ( OHHHHH YEAHHH!!!)

  2. Having 2 arc mines with Stun is a no brainer, teammates can destroy whosoever you stop, or you can easily escape if caught in a corner.

  3. #2 “Vigilant Power Scouter” not only does it give you crit damage, but additional attack after landing a crit which if you’re a solid Toby player will get pretty often. The added Health is great too.

  4. #3 I like to go with a zero cost shard generator, but that’s because I like to run 2 legendaries.

I like The Modernista for Toby. He is already able to boost his shield. Having more opportunities for damage reflection is good.

The Long Goodbye might sync with Self Destruct Sequence. Not sure on that.