Good guns in tps?

I know tons about about BL2 as in what guns to farm and what uniques are good…but the TPS I don’t know what to farm for or what to look out for so I thought I’d ask you guys for help. So what’s good?? I’m playing as Athena as my first play through to level 50. No UVHM for me don’t have the time and wanna do multiple Characters.

Umm…been months since I’ve played it’s basically the same Guns as bl2 but some have different names. There’s a mini boss in outlands canyon I believe, he’s one of Nina’s boyfriends she wants you to try and kill to see if hes manly enough. Drops the Fatale(it’s a bitch but only in cryo), if you have the clappy dlc then you can get a guaranteed one time mission reward called the cheat code that’s more like the bitch, even more disgusting tork drops the flakker. Empryean sentinel drops Longtail and blackhole

Heres a guide for the Glitch weapons from Claptraps DLC in TPS, [Guide] Glitch effects compendium (community guide)

may be able to find more info about other Good guns and Gear for TPS here,

I played as shock Athena and liked to use:
Miss Moxxi vibra-pulse, which is a mission reward
fatale, @Maliwankenobi stated where it comes from
shock torrent, Dahl smg, Meg in the trash compacter drops it, you do a mission from Nakiyama
Thunderfire, don’t remember where exactly but from claptrap dlc
fire bulpup shotgun, I think it is a shift reward from playing bl1
quasar grenade, felicity supposedly drops it but mine came from the vending machine

@darla love the torrent possibly my favorite gun from tps