Good Home for all Destructo Spinners!

You have a Destructo Spinner and are thinking of junking it. Mail it to me on PC my Epic Name is the Same DiligentDiamond. Thank you.

PS. Any Phasecast +250% dmg anointed Legendaries are also welcome.

I’ll add you tonight. I don’t have any destructo spinners right now… I think. But it’s only a matter of time. I probably have some +250% weapons for you though.

Would be most appreciated. What anointed suffix are you looking for, and what type of weapons?

No need for anything back, I would probably not keep the stuff im sending anyway.

Thank-you for the Phasecast Legendaries. I’ll put them to good use. Your not looking for any anoinments or specific guns?

I’ve been farming the Power Troopers for the Destructo Spinner drop but the rates are terrible. 1/3 spawn rate for power troopers then 3 drop per 100 groups of power troopers killed so grinding for 12 hours for 1 to drop is a bit extreme.

Hi! I have 5 Destructo Spinners in different elements, 2 are anointed but nothing special.

I also have a Molten Infinity with the anointment you were looking for.

Yeah I’ve seen that :slight_smile: I sent you some more stuff over the days, keep or delete. I got an abundance of melee artifacts now, do u need any of those?

If you still need a Destructo spinner i just got one in shock/incindiery. Let me know if you want it.