Good Job On Battleborn, Gearbox

you guys did an amazing job, half of the people who say they like overwatch more are lying to themselves, i like that you kept the old borderlands formula of humor and shoot and loot, its like a mirror image of borderlands with less guns and more characters which i find very refreshing


Just spent 7 hours straight with a friend who just got the game. Went through story mode all over again, nice and casual like, exploring things together all over agian.

I really have come to love GearBoxes approach to atmosphere, lore, art p, theme, dialogue, the whole works.

The engrossing awesomeness of the game is something that greatly overcomes any mechanical issues.

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t tend to get hung up on things that humans have a VERY hard time predicting or controlling and extend a level of appreciation and gratitude to what they have created, collaborated on and spent endless hours and sacrifice on.