Good Job on the DLC Gearbox (no spoilers)

EDIT: 100% finished. It was good.

The loaders were sufficiently fun to fight, the boss fights were rather different than the campaign bosses, and the drop rates actually felt good. I don’t f eel like I got to spend a lot of time with the new NPCs, but that’s par the course.

Did all the side quests and they don’t really help you get to know the DLC quest NPCs better, but there are a few gems. There’s also some good lines of dialogue in the crew challenges.

I did not feel like I was struggling to find any of the new DLC loot and in one run I got over 10 of the new items without any additional farming. I used one or two of them and they felt good, although I’m not sure what the red text does on them.

While there are still many issues with the base game that need to be addressed, the DLC is a beacon of hope that eventually they will be.

Good job.

Bonus: A video/celebration I made of DLC 1. Watching is optional.


I agree. This DLC has just felt great to play. Also being an Italian Vegas native and growing up within the “Old Vegas” culture , this hit home for me. This is just one of the reasons this is my favorite game series to date.
Even with its many growing pains I still love this game.


Haven’t finish it yet, but so far I really enjoy it. The writing really is better than the campain so far. Also it’s good to have some of Jack taunt back


How long did it take you to run through the whole thing?

Just finished 100%.

I’d say it took about 12 hours to do everything if you clear the enemies quickly. I took some breaks here and there, but went through it pretty quick.

The drop rates for the new items are high or guaranteed and since a lot of them drop as world drops you don’t have to farm for hours to try them.

The new guns are also very powerful and even the worst of them is still usable, meaning they are worth going back and farming.

I don’t know how long it would take to play through casually, since there’s quite a bit to do and the maps are mob dense.

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The new launcher is completemely useless in Mayhem 4 but super fun in M1 though

Like most guns and builds…


i had tons of fun with this DLC.

Excellent soundtrack, like seriously how do they keep out do themselves?

the level design were just amazing… dense and visually impressive

enemy balance felt really good. i were afraid that everything would be spongebob on MH4 due to all the armor but nope!

slow hand and heart breaker is back, do i need to say more? loved all the new guns. especially since i play moze. her com seems extremely weak for endgame builds but leveling through the DLC it may have some uses.

droprates felt really great, class mods from regular enemies and DLC items taking priority on the world drops and bosses, this needs to be the norm for the entire game. each planet offer their own set of weapons and class mods should be close to this comon! one way could be up the spawn rates for chubbys and loot tinks across the game and move the class mods there and lower their over all drop rate aswell?

jack is back and jack is still great.

:+1: :heart:


I don’t know how they made the soundtrack even better, but man I have loved playing this DLC.

I keep having breaks, as I don’t want it to end too quickly…


If you are talking about Ion Cannon, you are 100% wrong


The DLC was amazing and hopefully it’s a sign of things to come. Every new gun I found was awesome. I was laughing with glee when I got the nukem. I LOOOOOVVVEEE the new Zane class mod.

Really loved this DLC. And Will be doing the DLC when leveling up characters too

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Indeed, we get Moxxi & Handsome Jack (recorded) plus all the new NPC’s. Kill more Hyperion loaders, what’s not to love!

Not done yet but feels great!

Maybe we all can go out & get some soft serve :icecream: :wink: :wink:

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We need more stuff like this it was so epic and the new loot is pretty amazing been loving the Slow Hand.

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I 100%'d the DLC on M4 and every new item I found and used was good or at the very least functional.

A lot of them also seem to be direct upgrades to interesting, but underperforming previous items too.

It felt like there was more mob density, the maps were interesting/well designed, the soundtrack was dope, the boss fights were unique compared to previous ones, the drop rate was impressive.

If they do this with the base game, they’ll be better than back on track.

That and fix the absurd fire rate of Hardened Zealots.


This DLC is the template for how to fix the game in general! I completely agree. It’s awesome in concept that legendary drops are in dedicated area’s/planets rather than on Bosses.


Only a few hours in, but so far so good. Has a very Borderlands 2 feel to it. Most likely due to the Hyperion iconography and bots everywhere. Pacing has been good, and character interactions have been entertaining.


nothing like taking a shotty and blowing off the limbs on a loader, I forgot how much I missed killing those guys :wink:



This, for obvious reasons, was one of the biggest factors to me.

The first legendary I got from the DLC was “Handsome Jackhammer” and I was not at all disappointed. It might be difficult to place all the manufacturers somewhere in the world, but there’s maps for Dahl (Konrad), Atlas, Maliwan, COV, and Jakobs. Just need to find a spot for Tediore and Torgue, but you could make Torgue drop from Circle of Slaughter more often and put Tediores…in vending machines?


I just like that Matt Damon is back! Errr Dameon Clarke,…

Great post and awesome to hear you enjoyed it. I’m starting it tonight. My question is what Mayhem level did you play it at, assuming you did? My FL4K is level 50 and I finished the campaign a long time ago and have been farming Mayhem 2 so far with not too much difficulty.