Good Juju buff from August 20th Hotfix doesn't work

Before that hotfix, it used to be the case where Good Juju would receive a 20% Crit Bonus per Bodyshot on an enemy. And… it still is the case.

August 20th’s hotfix supposedly introduced the following buff:

This would bring the bonus to 40% per bodyshot, meaning it would reach the 500% cap with 3 bursts + 1 bullet from the 4th (total of 13 bullets), instead of 6 bursts + 1 bullet from the 7th (total of 25 bullets), making the gun much better to play around that mechanic + its mag refill effect.

But the buff doesn’t work, it’s still at 20%.

If you’re curious about how Juju works, check its section on Prismatic’s Gearology and Math.