Good juju, more like bad juju

Gearbox please make Rampager good juju guarantee drop. His animation hypnotizes me to sleep. Or put juju somewhere else.
Much appreciated.

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Lol … Rampager stays in immune state forever. I could make and eat a sandwich between his phases. Such a boring and unrewarding battle I just ignore it and the Ju Ju that never drops.


When it drops, it is normally bad anointment. Tho M10 juju is a bit underpowered but a good 300/90 or 50/150 will still do the job. At this rate, gamers move on and yet to see ‘good’ juju.
Currently DLC dedicated drop is very good. Now vanilla ones need lot of love lol.

All of his immunes and animations are only good for story playthrough, in endgame it should be faster like the one for Wotan. And speaking of Wotan, you have better chances to get Good Juju from him. If you can run Takedown fast, try there.


I got one good Rakk 100 from him. Then GB switched gear to take out those M4 loots along with juju and replaced him with his dedicated loots (not that I am complaining). Back to Rampnotizer lol.

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DLC 2 dedicated drop like Soulrender currently is very good after hotfix and yet to get the one you want is not easy. But we can bear with it as most likely we get something close eventually.

Key difference here is they have got much better at dedicated drops in the DLC’s.

I wouldn’t hate dedicated drops as much if it was like the Autoaime etc.

Guarantee drop will not harm the game as anointment and parts have enough rng to keep us farming for sometime.

That’s been the point through all of the farming threads. Even if you eliminate the chance to get a weapon to drop, there is still like a 1% chance it is the element/annointment you are looking for.

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Vanilla dedicated drop needs to look into before gamers discouraged and move on.

That’s is one of my biggest issues with this game. The artificial length of boss fights. The first couple times you didn’t them it’s cool. The 800th time it’s nauseating. Rampant is bad. I drop in to kill katagawa Jr. Kill him before his first animation is done them sit there for 5 or 6 times longer than the fight took while her ports around screaming about zero tech.

It is so frustrating

DLC farming is much balance. I have been running 50 or so runs on Tom a Xam. Got about 30 Soulrender. Tho many are like full auto/bad anoint or burst/good anoint. Overall, it is still fine as I managed to get something out of it. That is right way to do, balance.


You can get Good JuJu drops doing the Maliwan Takedown as well. Any M4 gear can be found in the takedown.

Oh Yea, I get them from wotan all the time, I didn’t even know it was a dedicated drop. Gun is kinda Meh so I usually just sell it lol