Good luck trying to get your loot back that you lost in your bank crash

With the new nerf, you’ll take forever getting your gear back.
bosses are not dropping the same loot. I’ve tried three, so far, and getting the same item over and over again. Really upsetting!!


Honestly, the nerf not only went too far - could have been half what it was and felt about right - it also did stuff that the patch notes specifically said it wouldn’t, such as nerfing Normal mode drops and Golden Key chests.

I’m really glad to see the focus on important stuff, like nerfing loot droprates and not the petty stuff, like fixing the negative Guardian Rank bug or buffing poor Zane.

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I miss my Ouasar. Anyone know where to get them now?

When they answered my ticket, they said, things might be slow to get to because of the holidays. Well, I wanted to play on the holidays. No bank! How am I supposed to play with no bank! I started hanging legandaries on the wall……:smiley:

Yeah, I know. Just venting a little. Very annoyed at the nerf, which went way too far.

Well, I think it’s time for me to hang up this game. I’m starting to lose legendaries out of my backpack. You go and spend hours playing for special items, and the game takes it away and nobody at 2K is doing anything about it!

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Gearbox software support just contacted me for more info, screenshots and Shift code info. So someone is definitely working on it. Thumbs up.

I just decided to take matters into my own hands and pulled everything out and went and had a firesale with Marcus, he was very happy!!!