GOOD NEWS: Attikus is getting worked on! :D

Response from GBX
Attikus Assessment

I made 2 posts about Attikus and recently my sillier one just got a response from a GBX representative :smiley:
Long story short, they’re working on him!

If you wanna check out my enormous assessment on Attikus before he changes check it out! if you wanna blow extra air from your nose click the first link.

So stoked to see what they change!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I would love some of the below changes

  • Build charges without kills, maybe each time you charge his alt attack you get one charge
  • Either faster movement speed, more health/shield, or faster attack speed.

On helix

  • Tier 6 Chain Breaker also gives cooldown for killing minor enemies
  • Tier 7 skull crusher shoud be more than 20% to compete with attack speed of 20%

Hopefully they don’t do too much. Last game with Attikus 2 triples and 3 double kills. Early game he gets slaughtered but lvl 5+ he is a monster.

Maybe some passive damage reduc 2%, better full charge ability on pounce 100 shield damage is worthless.

Make his secondary attack useful. Only used it for his lore challenge its worthless. At least allow him to sprint while charged for an opener.

The first change could break the game. It could be implemented, but without further clarification it gives the impression that Atty can sit in a corner and build full charge. Perhaps require Atty to land the hit? And put a cooldown on the conversion. Perhaps 5 seconds. Ex. you can start to charge a second time, but if it you start charging before the 5 second cooldown, it won’t add a charge.

He doesn’t need any change. You really have to adjust to playin with him. Alot of ppl just assumes cu he had a big body he is a tank he is not a tank. Put gear pieces the boost his weakness. I swear alot of ppl just complain ( buff him, nerf her) just learn how to adjust. Every character has a certain way to play with that character. Learn to play instrad of complaining about characters cuz you had a couple of bad matches

I’ve played with him a lot and once you get him up he’s fine but he starts so slow.

In pvp not as a tank you pretty much have to pounce in and just slowly run away and if you get hit with a slow its over.

I don’t think he needs a lot but a bit to help him start better

Attikus is marked as Easy, but right now he isn’t that easy to play. new players can’t just pick him and play well with him. He takes a while to figure out and get good with. Perhaps they aim to make him so that he is stronger all around and not just late game? Make it easier for new players to pick him up and start playing without having to spend too much time trying to figure him out. I’m not sure what they have planned but I am interested to see what they do.

If you were to give gear to boost his weaknesses, Attikus would perform very poorly. Most folks simply boost what he’s already good at so he can actually do anything. I do well with him, not because he’s incredibly good but because I have a crap ton of matches under my belt. (Why do you assume I do bad with him?)

It’s like Whiskey Foxtrot, I’ve seen plenty of people straight up carry with him but that doesn’t make him a good character. There’s characters that do his job a lot better. You can’t just tell people to “Learn to play” if a character is fundamentally flawed. There is a time and place for players to adjust and another for when characters themselves need adjusting.

TL;DR: If what you were saying was true, Gearbox wouldn’t be working on him right now.

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I think what they meant to say is “simple”, his kit is really straightforward but playing him requires a lot of match up knowledge, understanding how the game works and capitalizing on using his kit wisely.

I agree wholeheartedly, Attikus is not a character you can just pick up and play.

Literally my two favorite characters are Attikus and Whiskey Foxtrot lol. I think, just like* @kpumperbeezy said, once you play a few matches you get a better understanding of the character and figure out they wreck face. More often then not I find myself wondering if the people saying Attikus sucks or WF sucks have even played said character past their initial game.

On that note, however, he might need tweaks simply for his early stages (like up to level 5/6) cause it’s exceptionally hard to PvP with him when he’s low-leveled.


what does atticus do so bad that he need to be changed?

I suck as Whiskey Foxtrot, but I ain’t afraid to admit that I got wrecked by a couple of good WF players before. I still wanna see him get at least a rework, hell even a straight up buff would be fine!

i mastered WF the other day. it took a minute to master him cuz it took a while for me to understand hot to play with him. but after i got it i was doing pretty good. its pretty much the same thing for me with atticus. i learned to never engage in a fight with another player with out at least using using one of my skills. and guessing where the enimey is gonna go so you can body block him so you i can keep punching. usually what i feel like atticus gets better at lvl 4. but till then i just try to get clean up kills or assist to get my xp or once i get my gear i feel comfortable to engaging other players. my only issue with atticus is losing track of ppl i attack with my pounce attack, but its not a big enough issue for me to go asking for the devs to make changes

A lot of Attikus’ kit works against him.

  • His alternate attack, though potentially powerful, cripples his approach making it nearly unusable in PVP except for sneaking up on people.

  • He has an engagement tool which is good, but it’s also his only means of escape and is on a very high cooldown, this is where sustainment should kick in so he can survive his engagements; which leads to another problem.

  • Lifesteal is implemented in his helix choices, but they don’t heal him enough to make any difference whatsoever. You’re lucky to heal 50 points of health within 8 seconds using his hedronic arc.

  • Can’t apply any pressure with his punches unless an opponent is stunned or slowed, his movement speed penalty when attacking makes punch walking an impossibility. Meaning pretty much any enemy can kite you while avoiding all your damage and by the time you walk in to throw another punch, you’ve already eaten a clip or two.

  • Incredibly easy to shut down. He’s an enormous target, just wait for him to leap in and go to town on him. It’s his only option unless he bodyblocks you into a corner, which you can still save yourself from if you just quick melee his ass away from you. Because of his severe lack of options, he’s incredibly easy to predict and counter.

  • There’s this really bad issue with large characters where they bounce around everywhere on other character models (due to the physics engine), leaving them completely vulnerable to everything since they can’t retaliate with anything in this state.

I could go on, but it’s a pointless prospect, he’s not ALL bad. Of course he has some great features too! Like one of the best ults in the game.

The main issue is he doesn’t work as intended. So you’ll often see people running around as Star Platinum punching machines just to make up for the fact that they can’t really chase you…so they’ll squeeze in as many hits as they can, hoping you die when you ARE caught in their view. Which isn’t a reliable strategy, but it’s the best one you’ve got as Attikus.

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Yeah I love WF for PvP. I sucked the first 3 or 4 matches but damn I’m good now lol. I basically just stay behind my minions and escort them, ignoring the enemy players unless their minion wave is cleared then I go crazy on them.

What’s funny to me is that the roles seem quite reversed. From what you’re describing you play Whiskey Foxtrot like a defender while I (and many others) play Attikus like an assassin.

Don’t get me wrong, I still get plenty of kills as Whiskey, I just enjoy pushing through their lines with my bots as much as possible. My last match before I logged off was 13-0 and I won damn near every category.
I play WF because he’s mobile but can dish out damage, so I focus on building minions, turrets, accelerators, and destroying their minions, turrets, and accelerators most of all. If my teams minions can have an easier time getting through that means I can wreck some punks with crits and napalm ;-D

Who said defenders can’t get kills? ;D

But in any case, I’ve got a hunch that they’re working on both Attikus and Whiskey Foxtrot (since apparently they’re the only two of their tier). Don’t expect a phenomenal buff for either one of them, but I expect changes that the whole community can welcome :slight_smile:

  1. i used to think his right hook was useless also, but i use his right hook when a player is not expecting it (ie. when some one is chasing me when i turn a corner i what there with my right hook fully charged and it does a lot of damage especially if im fully charged, or of course use his right hook when you sneak up on someone like marquis) just cuz its rarely used doesnt make it useless

  2. me personally i use pounce on a single unsuspecting player and make sure i stun him and kill him. if he gets away i kinda just fall back. atticus aint the type of person that can fight other players out numbered, especially at a low level

  3. i agree his life steal is trash, but i really dont go for life steal anyways so not an issue to me.

  4. with atticus legendary gear his hydronic arc slows enemies, and you can make pounce slow enemies which is what i go for. i also realized that that he cant really chase unless they are slow which is why i use the right choice on lvl 4. so when i use my hydronic arc attack no body gets away from me.

  5. nothing much to say about the last two bullets, i just learned to deal with it. i usually get alot of kills so when i die its not a big deal to me

if they buff whiskey im gonna pick him nonstop to show players how OP he will be. he dont need a buff at all. his animations need to be reworked but leave his damage alone. he gets a 25% damage boost from killing anything, just keep killing minions. and then you can really do damage. put gear to boost his crit and you can wreck players, especially the big targets like toby, kelvin, isac.