GOOD NEWS: Attikus is getting worked on! :D


That’s not the issue.

He’s clearly an assassin as he is now, which is the opposite of what they were intending. There are better options for filling this role, that’s most likely why they’re changing him to be more of a bruiser and less of a glass cannon.
With the upcoming release of Pendles, they probably want to make sure characters have as many differences from one another as possible.


They’re probably just giving him a tune up. Make it so he plays better without changing his numbers too much. If either of them do truly end up OP, then it is indeed our job to show it.

I feel like we’re juggling convos now lol.

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That picture is exactly how I see him. I wish his alt attack was more useful and his survivability higher (with less cannonball assassination capabilities). When I first tried him, I was basically expecting him to play similarly to Kelvin but more for rescuing teammates and dismantling enemy combos.

Yeah, this is what I was thinking as well. His damage is perfectly fine as is, but the length of his animations are atrocious. There is a chasm of space after using his ultimate that simply shouldn’t be there. They should replace it with a reload animation as that would make more sense. I also think you should be able keep the clip for as long as you want until you either reload or run out of ammunition.

I’m not going to get into their helixes as there are a lot of characters that need their helix choices reworked; half of most characters’ helixes are completely useless compared to the alternate.

(Kpumperbeezy) #24

It would make sense to keep his 75 bullet clip for as long as you want to. A couple of characters can hold their ult for aslo g as they want toso why cant WF.


I was gobsmacked when I used his ult for the first time…and the clip just…disappeared even though I didn’t shoot yet.
If ISIC can keep his ult forever, there’s no reason Whiskey Foxtrot can’t keep one single clip of ammo until he uses it.

That shield penetration helix looks interesting…but I’m gonna assume it doesn’t work on the sentry XD

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I’m glad to see that he’s being looked at. Whether or not he’s underpowered, I think it’s fair to say that he’s not functioning as intended. He’s labeled as a defender and looks huge and tanky, but he’s very fragile and vulnerable. He plays more like an assassin than the brawler he’s labeled as, and that’s just wrong.


Maybe it is because I’m on PS4, but I cannot beat a good Rath ever. He just holds R2 and strafes (God this is a huge problem with Attikus. He has the horizontal breadth of Phobe without the reach, lunge or movement), waiting for one of his skills to come off of an inconsequential cooldown to slow, silence or stun me.

I really hate any advice to play him as an assassin. It makes about as much sense as trying to play Boldur as an assassin or Toby as a run and gunner. It’s possible, but clearly the design of the character and kit suggest something completely different. I struggle with no character in the game like I do Attikus. Why “git gud” when I can just play Boldur, and his skill ceiling with the benefit of not dying and making others run, as opposed to constantly pouncing away whenever a Toby or Montana can focus me for 3 seconds.

Right now he has a high skill ceiling for what feels like little reward. I can kill people better… and? I’m too scared to disrupt with pounce and I don’t have 5 charges. Guess I’ll slowly sneak around and hope I can focus long enough for tenacity to de me a solid.

Even if I’m banging on all cylinders, any CC and I’m likely dead. It’s not fun. At least with Whiskey there a huge benefit to patience and mastery. Attikus, well congratulations, you’re now decent in melee with unrivaled Disruption with an alt and the risky gambit of pouncing into the fray.

Can’t think of all the brawlers off the top of my head, but I know Boldur can stay in a fight, same for Galilea (Who is honestly a crazy good disruptor). Phoebe is more tanky than Gal or Atty mid game, and a good assassin to boot. Doesn’t feel like Attikus lines up with them at all.

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Maybe they should change his secondary. His secondary will make his fist charge. If you primary attack he does the power hook. If not he gets one charge.

It take like 3 sec for a charge and give it a 1.5 sec cast time he can only build 5 charges ever 22 second (if uninterupted). Mean he would have to disengage fights to get charges without attacking minnions.

( #29

I dunno about the sustainment part, as he can sustain the best out of all the Jennerit i’ve played with, the thing about it is you have to sacrifice EVERYTHING to do it!

The 24 health regen and melee’s giving you HP are really good when you are at 5 stacks, but it requires you using NO abilities. It’s bad to have such good sustainment for such a horrible trade off of using 0 abilities. I only unleash full stacks when I know I can mob clear or when an opponent is about to die from it. In my opinion we should be able to choose to use all of our charges with our abilities, not everytime. Nothing is worse then using full charges for sustainment only to get flanked by two opponents so when I try to jump out the area my only chance of successfully trying to Tank are out the window cause it waisted all my charges. It’s pretty frustrating.

I also agree with level 5 being a godly disruption and the only option he has over Kelvin in disruption tank. His cool downs are just way to long and imo leap should be moved to 15 seconds instead of 25. It just doesn’t do enough damage and the stun is way to random, unlike Kelvin’s garunteed stun and shield’s with helix upgrade.

(Mattdaddy1994) #30

I just want to see a decent health boost for atty hes to soft for his role. Hes as big as montana and has way less health with no damage reduction. Plus hes an up front dps with no way of blocking, quick shielding, or health stealing except his useless first left helix.

(Ericfriedman94) #31

I’ve noticed that almost every other post on here is this person needs to be buffed because… And they mention his or her one weakness… Or this person needs to be nerfed because… And they mention there specialty (I saw someone complaining marquis is op because he has to much range… He’s a sniper!!! Lol) I’m pretty sure majority of the battleborn community just wants everyone to play the same charecter and all skills to do the same thing with the same amount of damage… Hell we all might as well all be Oscar mikes… Lol

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Could they maybe have alt versions for Attikus? Pre re-work and the re-work. And The same for whiskey If it would happen?

(Salsacookies) #33

I like his berserk style. I think just giving him innate health steal would be a great idea. Maybe have that as an option along with attack speed? I’m not sure, tier one options aren’t really that great.


I hope that Attikus is not given a re-work. I find him to be effective in his current form. I could see a somewhat small buff (e.g., 300 HP more starting at lvl 1), but I think he’s in a good place. As an Attikus main, I’d much rather have him “as is” then have him reworked to be something very different (e.g., a tank).

(Salsacookies) #35

I just want the rework to further reward his berserker defender style. Make it so that its best for him to be in the fight at all times. That’s what the rework should do.


Watching the stream today, gonna dump some details about Attikus’ changes and my initial impressions.

To start, Attikus has received a boost to his starting health. I don’t have an exact number as the games were shown purely from the Broadcaster mode, which doesn’t have numbers on the health displays that I could make out. They repeatedly mentioned how much more survivable he is with it, so I expect it to be at least 200 health, probably 300.

Probably his biggest buff has to be that he now has the ability to charge Charged Hook while sprinting. This is incredible and completely changes how Attikus initiates, probably the change I am most excited about.

Secondly, Pounce has had some heavy reworking. It has a larger base damage, and it appears the bonus damage from Fully Charged has also increased. Second, the knockback (and consequent stun) has been removed in favor of a Silence effect. The Silence is very short, I believe the devs stated it is around 1 - 1.5 seconds. Finally, the travel for Pounce has been changed as well - Attikus now enjoys a pleasant view of his surroundings and target point as he flies through the air, but takes more time to reach the landing point, giving your target the chance to flee or fire on you. This is, I should mention, an indirect buff to Pounce Recharge, as the shield regen was only active when Attikus was in the air.

This is probably the biggest change to Attikus out of everything. His game revolved around planning for a Pounce into stun and laying the damage on in that window. With this, Attikus has absolutely no stun access. I expect for people who are used to the old Attikus playstyle, Staggering Pounce helix for his Pounce will be an auto-take, as it is the closest we can get to the same strategy. Unfortunately a Silence alone is not an equivalent exchange for these purposes as many characters which we would have been able to lock down can now simply run away with their natural mobility advantage over Attikus. That said, Pounce is now much more of a true Disruption skill, Attikus can Silence several characters at crucial moments with his Pounce.

Hedronic Charge has been buffed with a new Wound effect. For those that haven’t been paying attention, Wound effect is a debuff that is being added to many characters, which results in a 60% decrease in healing effects on the target. The duration of this debuff seems directly tied to the duration of Hedronic Charge - 6 seconds. This may be an indirect buff on two of his level 9 choices. Hedronic Chain may be more desirable if you wish to apply the Wound debuff to several targets at once without requiring Fully Charged, and Aftershock could possibly affect the duration of the Wound debuff as well. Similarly, Greased Lightning may be less desirable now as it may lower the duration of the Wound debuff.

Finally, Hedronic Eruption’s Fully Charged effect has been changed. We’ve lost the knockup carousel ride, but gained a strong slow effect on the hits. This is the hardest thing to judge on whether it was a buff or a nerf, as if the slow is significantly better than standard slows, the setup potential for your teammates is as good or possibly better - easier to hit almost stationary targets than ones bouncing up and down repeatedly. All in all I can just say I will sorely miss the entertaining sight of half the enemy team being thrown helplessly into the air for 15 seconds.

Post Stream News 14/07/2016
Post Stream News 14/07/2016
(Hobo4Lyfe) #37

Sprinting with Charged Hook is gonna be nice.

I always found Atti’s Pounce to be tricky to use, it’s kind of disorienting, really. Looking forward to the new execution.

I’ll miss the popup on his Ult, but it sounds even better with uber-slow.


I think I heard one of them say something about having an option of his pounce being in third person.


As an Attikus main, I’m worried about losing my stun, the speed on my pounce, and the hilarity of the ult knockup. But these changes sound pretty fun. I’m excited about trying Attikus 2.0

(Horrorshow22) #40

This right here is exactly what Atty needs. I’m just finishing up grinding out his lore challenges and wanted the ability to charge while sprinting as a starter so much, it should make his play style much more “Thrall”