Good news everybody! (On ps4)

I hope you all read that in the professor’s voice.

Have a friend that’s iffy on Battleborn, didn’t play the beta, or doesn’t have the money to buy the game? Let me introduce you to shareplay! It’s a feature on ps4 that lets your friend on another ps4 join you in split screen as if they were sitting right next to you on your couch (or other furniture/floor of choice). So it’s a really good way to get your friends to play the game.

And for added effect:

Edit: here’s a link


Really useful info, how’s the lag for them though

But…that is good news.

Depends on your internet connection. Doesn’t need to be great to run smooth though in my experience

I’d just like to bump this for reminding everyone

Yeah, my brother and I have actually convinced 3 people to buy and get deeply into Battleborn via Shareplay!

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The professor only says Good News when he’s delivering bad news.

Good news for people who like bad news.

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