Good news for ghalt players and bad stuff about marquis apparently

I geuss it was hot fixed, his ult bullets now connect, people actually use it now and it is scary as hell

Sincé he lost his stun, i didnt have problems with his ult.

I don’t know, Ive known about this like two days ago, and playing friendship raid with confirms they work now

Maybe that will make me want to learn how to play him. Hated how to play him before patch and wasn’t good. Though I like him a lot in the ops

Let me just say that big targets, big crit spot, and squishy CC’ed battleborn be damned

That’s what it seemed. He felt so awkward to play since I had to be close to hit to do anything. And he is stupid slow with no escape skill or anything…

I guess the trying to hook skill floor was a bit intimidating too if I am honest

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Do Marquis’ shots also connect now or do you still roll dice hoping for a six.

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I’ve never had that problem actually, perhaps a pc problem?

No there is definetly noticable times where I am pretty sure I Have connected a shot with marquis and it didn’t register. It feels like it happens a lot when your timing shots and accounting for recoil.

But I only say that as of now because I keep playing him in bird hunt. I am a bad marquis so take my observation of him potentially inaccurate


So I’m not the only one who experiences this… I want to learn Marquis, but the inconsistency with his shots hitting may force me to put him down.

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Nah I’ve had shots fail point blank on ps4 sadly

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How I’ve NEVER had that problem

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I envy you lol

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I get that a lot (thug life😎)


Yeah, I have it happen constantly. With Ghalt too. Missing shots point blank that I was 100% sure hit.

I’m not the greatest of shots and I’m fully aware of that but god damn I’m not this bad :joy:

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Right? Playing marquis I am all like “ok game… I am not that great of a sniper… I don’t need your help missing shots. I can do that just fine on my own”


Have you also noticed how good ghalts ult is now

Not really, I played him once before the change, got like 20 kills, hated playing him, never touched him again

Ok, give him a try though

Nah sorry, I doubt I will. Attack based characters are kinda… boring? Except WF and Marquis, but their skills are nice