Good news for PC Players!

This thread is probably in the wrong section, but I don’t care, I have great news for PC players who have been having performance issues and I want to share this message as widely as I can!

As you all know, I’ve been extremely harsh on Gearbox for how atrocious the performance has been on the PC version of Borderlands 3, I even made a thread on it making a huge rant etc

Well, I now have some good news that possibly will be THE definitive FIX for the performance issues that a lot of players have been having.

A little background first, (yeah I know the suspense is killing you, and you want to know what the fix is, lol, just hang on!), my CPU is a i5-4460 which is terrible compared to modern gaming rigs, and it’s also UNDER the minimum requirements needed to run this game, so I knew when I downloaded BL3 from Steam that I’m going to be CPU bottlenecked…My GPU is fine, it’s a GTX 980, which is not up the current gen performance but it’s no slouch either, and I have 24 gigs of Ram

Long story short, BL3 was running like absolute garbage, the stuttering made the game virtually unplayable, hitches, pauses, and stuttering made me curse and weep, and I got so angry I made a thread blaming Denuvo for causing all my problems.

I tried EVERY optimization in the book, I devoured every video on YouTube trying to find a solution to fix this woefully “broken” game and it’s “horrific” optimization for the PC, and believe me I tried everything, from low material complexity, texture streaming set to low, volumetric fog turned off, defragged my hard drive, disabled all background processes…TRUST ME I TRIED THEM ALL AND NOTHING WORKED :cry:

But, there was 1 thing, that no one has ever mentioned in over 70 videos, and I decided to try it in a flash of inspiration:

I turned off MSI Afterburner.…That’s it!! and now the lag and stuttering has all but disappeared. Now don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of MSI Afterburner, and 99% of all us gamers use it to record our game footage, and to overclock our graphics cards, and have control over our fan speeds etc, but I’m wondering if it has huge compatibility problems with BL3 as an extra process running in the background that Denuvo is reacting to in a very negative way causing all those hitches and stuttering because once I turned MSI Afterburner off and no longer use it while I’m playing, the game is running a lot smoother

Now it’s NOT a be all end all solution, but if it worked for me, using a very poor under performing gaming rig, then hopefully it will work for you guys as well

One last thing, …I did use 2 other programs, (Which I will provide links for), that I use as well, so whether they are the actual solution, or a combination of ALL 3 things I use, I truly don’t know, but for me, I can actually play Borderlands 3 on my PC now, whereas as before I had given up, and was ready to uninstall it, and go back to my PS4 version which had none of these problems

These programs are:

They are completely safe to use, and all they do is optimize your CPU for max performance

Don’t forget to disable MSI Afterburner!!..don’t have it running while you’re running the game

Anyway, this was a long thread, and I genuinely hope that it helps us in the community have a better and more enjoyable experience playing BL3 :grinning:

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Not any more.

I am one of the many people that after mayhem 2.0 patch simply can’t play anymore ( i haven’t played the game in 10 days, i think), and i never used MSI for this game , i don’t stream, i don’t overclock, so it’s useless for me. So, maybe your solution can be useful for those who use MSI, but for many others, no. The problem remain, i could not play the new event (and farm the new weapons), i just play other games while waiting that devs eventually will fix this mess. At least, i hope that some could play again with your suggestion ^^


I feel your pain man
I truly hope that hopefully in the not too distant future, that Gearbox:
1: Gets rid of that garbage Denuvo from the PC version and…
2: Fixes the terrible performance issues with this game…How long has it been out now?, 9 months and it still runs terribly. I shouldn’t have to scour every inch of the internet to try and solve the performance issues with a game. It should be sold to the consumer in a “workable” state

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Amen to that.


Yup, I am in the same boat. I do not use EVGA and MSI overclocking/monitoring software


I don’t use Afterburner or anything else, but what I found to eliminate the stuttering and hitching was to turn off texture streaming by adding the command line argument -NOTEXTURESTREAMING

The downside is that it makes your loadscreens longer, but the hitching is gone.

The only time I get a microstutter is when I’m doing the cartel event, and an underboss warps in for the first time. Probably because the textures for the underbosses aren’t “native” to the map I’m playing on and so it does have to load those in on the fly. But that’s it, and it only happens the first time. 100% of all the other stutters are gone. Gameplay is smooth as glass. Feels like a whole new game and it was a revelation on certain hitch-prone maps for me, like the Anvil and Cathedral of the Twin Gods.

Also if you don’t have much GPU or system RAM I wouldn’t recommend this as it might cause your PC to give you low RAM warnings and/or crash the game. As a reference I have 6GB of GPU and 24GB of system RAM and I’ve had zero problems, and I’ve been playing every day with this setting active for the last couple weeks or so.

But as always, your mileage may vary and use at your own risk!

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Background rendering, resolution, cap fps did it for me. Lower those three and it runs great on a 9 year old laptop


Unfortunately that command only works if you brought the game from Epic…Is there a way to do this with the Steam version?

Yep, I use it with the Steam version. In your list of games, right click Borderlands 3, choose “Properties…” and then click on the “Set Launch Options…” button in the window that pops up.


Oh wow, that is awesome. I will be sure to give it a try

What did you cap your fps at?

I set mine to cap 60

Yeah mines capped at 60. Background rendering would screw up big maps as well as small ones somehow. That made the game run smooth and for when i want to use rakk p4k and brainstormer i had to lower the resolution and even old slaughter shaft ran great

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I tried your suggestion, and it’s now even smoother than before, so much appreciated friend.
Why on earth do we have to find these obscure tweaks just to get some decent performance out of this game is beyond me

It’s the best thing you can have on PC gaming, crazy problems and crazy solutions ^^ I used this fix too, and the game runs smoother, but crashes nonetheless. But now it is very smooth when crashes. It’s an improvement, i guess.

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I get the crash now and then too, the same kind everyone else has been getting lately. I suspect it doesn’t have to do as much with the texture streaming hitching as something else going on under the hood, like all the calculations for bouncing projectiles and DOTs etc. It happens to me when I play Zane and things get intense with his bullets bouncing all over the place causing cryo effects and such.

But yeah it’s 100% smooth up to that point now! :stuck_out_tongue:

The engine is designed to allow texture streaming I’m assuming on the notion that it will decrease loadscreen times as a compromise, and to allow for textures to be swapped in and out on the fly to save RAM, and in theory make for a better game play flow overall so that the player isn’t stuck in long load screens all the time, especially during some of the story missions where you’re bouncing around from Sanctuary to other maps a lot. They’re noticeably longer on my SSD and I imagine on a physical drive some of the larger levels could be agonizing. But longer loadscreens are a tradeoff I’m willing to make.

I hope GBX can continue to make improvements with all this stuff. I remember when the game first shipped, the hitching was a LOT worse.

I’ve come across another thing people on PC can try if they’re having hitching/stuttering issues related to texture streaming.

In this post (Let's try to improve this mess ) the OP references a setting:

In my case, that value was set to -1, giving priority to streaming over FPS. I dunno if that’s the default value the game’s set to or what, but that’s what I had. I found setting that value to 1 really helps with the hitching and stuttering. The drawback being, like the poster mentions, texture refreshes are more noticeable (for example, like running up to an ammo vendor and watching the texture sharpen into focus).

I was using that -NOTEXTURESTREAMING command line argument before, but I’ve stopped using it now. Using it does look great, as all textures are fully loaded right from the start and everything looks super sharp, but like I said the drawback are longer load screens, and those longer load screens get really annoying when you’re farming a boss and reloading a map over and over, to be honest. :smiley:

So hopefully this will help out some people, and mucho thanks to the poster of that message. As always your mileage may vary and make a backup of that .ini file just to be safe.

Edit: oops, the .ini file in question is GameUserSettings.ini under My Games/Borderlands 3/Saved/Config/WindowsNoEditor/