Good news! There is a Raid Boss

No, it’s not just EOS. He’s fodder.

Go to the Mutator Arena. Set it to Level 9. Complete the first two waves. If you are lucky, Shadowtrap will not appear. If you are unlucky, A black hole that will absorb every bullet you can possibly shoot without taking a Dent to his shield, which he recharges, and is tiny compared to his Health, will appear.

I have been fighting this guy for so long, that i have run out of ammo on every gun i have, and i havent even gotten his shield down once. It’s not that i am using a bad Build, i got 999 Maelstrom stacks and unloaded a Badaboom in his face. Several Times. It did NOTHING.

Has anyone beaten Shadowtrap on level 9?

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yep. Took ages. And it was on a nisha build with the reload speed penalty. Good thing I had a Jack on the team.

I can beat level 9 with relative ease, but the second Shadow Trap appears I just kill myself on purpose. The time it would take to kill him, I could have easily done several more level 9 runs. So no I have not lol.

Unless you really really really want the challenge you can beat him, but I’m pretty sure his loot pool does not increase based on the Mutator rank.

Well, atleast no lvl9 EOS/Eclipse…

Sounds like it could be a good challenge and something to do with friends.

Is playing the arena at level 9 the only way to face Shadowtrap again? In my first pt in Normal mode with Claptrap, he dropped a head for Lady Hammerlock and when I faced him with Athena he didn’t drop anything. Is there any other way to farm him for the heads?

My group has seen him as soon as level 3, so he could be sooner. With him being such a pain then, I can’t imagine him at level 9.

I didn’t realize he was optional.

I got Shadowtrap at lvl 3 of the arena. My 1st and only time through the arena. I didn’t ever want to try the arena again. That was brutalz! :disappointed:

I did get a green rocket launcher for a reward, however. :unamused:

I may try the arena again, and just quit until I don’t get him.

i got him at level one once, so he can appear in any level.