Good on remote is one thing PS4 trophy

Hello everyone. I can’t, for the life of me, get a perfect score in the shooting range on PS4. All I can get is 13 or 14, but never a perfect 15. I hope someone will be kind enough to help me with this, it’s the last trophy I need for the platinum. If anyone wishes to, add me and we will try and do this when I catch you online. PSN ID is:


It’s actually 20, not 15.

That’s for the challenge mode, normal mode is 15 targets, and it’s enough for the trophy.

I need that one too… Psn rei2k

I’m not at home right now. Add me and we will do that, I heard the trophy will pop for the player who pushes the button, we will shoot different sides of the range and it shouldn’t be a problem to unlock it for the both of us.

Anyone else willing to help, or in need of the trophy? I’m home right now, we could try it later.

@Laniakea Not sure I can give you any help by joining, but what gun are you using? I had no luck till I switched to the infinity pistol and stuck with that for a few rounds. I’ve got a spare lv. 50 one if you think that might help?

@pinkfrogsrus That could definitely help, thank you. I’m using a COV gun just because of its huge magazine, I’m in no shortage of legendary and op guns but the infinity pistol could do the trick, and it’s a gun I don’t possess. By all means, add me on ps4 when you feel like it, or tell me your ID and I’ll do that. Thanks again

If you have Dictator it’s very easy to do with bipod mode.

@GrzesPL I don’t have it unfortunately

I have one will mail it to you. I was actually able to do it with one. Just keep shooting.

@reierje just added you on ps4


@Laniakea Not sure if you still need/want it, but I’ll send the infinity your way if you do, just add me (friendly_coffee)