Good pairs with the Baroness (Aurelia)? 2 player co-op partner classes

Who do you think pairs best with the Baroness? I’ll hazard a guess that Athena will work very well with her. Assuming that the Baroness goes down sniping (left) and coop (right), then Athena will use melee (middle) and her coop tree (left).

This means the Baroness will be more hands off and try to be at a distance, while Athena will fight up close and personal in melee with her shield.


Remote revives on both classes - Athena’s Clear, and Aurelia’s Magic Bullet

Aggro draw and singularity effects - Athena has ways to Prepare for Glory and Epicenter to pull and taunt enemies towards herself and away from Aurelia.

Huge I never Miss stacks possible - If Athena is taking more of the heat, then Aurellia has more potential to get huge stacks of “I never miss”. She’ll have to be careful to not miss because of singularity effects from Athena though.

Coop tree from the Baroness - probably pairs well with any class, but Athena certainly loves all the shield boosts from this as she has many shield based skills that could benefit from even higher capacity.

I’m certainly missing something. What else? Or go ahead and talk about synergies with Aurelia + class of your choice

Another option is that she freezes everything and you have an explosive coop partner to sweep up (reminder that explosive does 3x damage). Fragtrap Sapper, Howitzer Wilhelm, or even Nisha with some of her skills could be pretty great.



Phalanx/CS Athena with Defender mod alongside Aurelia is a very scary duo.


Agreed. And I’m more likely to use that, actually.

I don’t even know if Vanguard would be necessary. Maybe max Prepare for Glory or keep 1/5 in there and go 5/5 Ephodos or Return Fire instead.

I’m really looking forward to testing the co-op tree with a Deputy Jack, or any Jack for that matter. I’d assume Leadership kills would trigger the servant kills, which could cause for pretty insane stack generation. If damage caused by clones counts for your servant’s damage…

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Cryo Baroness with a Mauler Wilhelm outfitted with a ravager/hulk/flakker

Or a Cryo baroness with Tim specced into explosive digi-death (explosive nova shield)

Meat and bloods is strange ice…

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Jack with Optimism and all his tricks would be really amazing with her

Claptrap because all his explosive buffs and team buffs combined with her cryo and her servant master stuff.

I think they would be the best two for her.


Damn, with leadership, jack can keep aurealia healed at all times with the 10% health regain on servant kill.

About the I never miss stacks, I noticed in coop that it’ll happen more often than not, that an enemy dies from your ally right before your sniper bullet hits, and BAM, all stacks are gone. I guess it’s more easy to manage in solo.

As of claptrap, if aurealia puts a point into that 55% servant shield restore skill, this cookie cutter claptrap build might work very nicely with an avalanche shield for free cryo novas / spikes even when the claptrap is not running a shield subroutine.

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I’ve played up to level 21 now with my Lady Hammerlock paired with a Nisha online. Good times. We wreck things. Today we racked up stacks to 30 in something, 200 in something else, and 75 in Glory (boosted crit damage, right?).

We had some close calls but our only issue was sometimes getting hit by too much damage at once while we weren’t close enough to res each other. But we only died when we had to stop for the day anyhow. We decided to use our high stack count to attempt killing Iwajira. We didn’t get far but, certainly farther than I expected. Maybe took off 10% of Iwa’s health.

Until today I had also been running the ice tree. For various reasons I tried the coop dedicated tree. I’m looking forward to trying that tree in even longer sessions.

edit: wrecking things - we tended to be ahead of the curve. With the ice tree I felt safer because more things were frozen. I actually found myself holding back just a little so that I didn’t kill everything before my buddy could help and probably vice versa I suspect (showdown has that room clearing effect too). The coop tree however was very synergetic in coop. Very fun. So, I’m looking forward to Ice tree + Coop tree combined later.

I’ve been playing with my friend as Fragtrap, me as Aurelia, and we’re at about level 20 now.

At first I was in the sniper tree and it was awesome.

Now Just last night I respecced into the Cold Money tree… and his comments were along the lines of “now I’m just getting in the way”.

But to be honest, an explosive-heavy fragtrap with lots of frozen enemies around make for one fun game. I’ve no experience with dealing with bosses in this tree yet however, so I’ll comment when applicable.

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Vague spoiler beneath.

We started Eye to Eye around level 22 (two levels underlevel). That boss fight was close but we didn’t both die at the same time. And my cryo power was good against second part’s shield.

That’s Claptrap’s job!

Tried it. I’m 5 levels under where I should be and mobbing is still a joke. Bosses on the other hand

@Kurtdawg13 and I tried this not too long ago with Nisha and Aurelia. The Crit damage becomes insane with stacks of Glory building up.

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