Good PEOPLE on PS4

I searched and saw mostly info on high level tourney and competitive stuff, so aplogies if a thread like this exists.

I am simply looking for a few good people that can deal with my friend and our foul mouths. We’re not looking for pros. We just want people who, at the least, understand how to follow an objective. We are tired of going into game modes with people who think it’s nothing but TDM. We enjoy killing the battleborn as much as the other guy, but that’s not our goal. Oh and don’t even get me started on people who will leave 2 out of three paths open in meltdown because they wanna help the high levels defend!
No joke, I’ve swapped paths in a meltdown map more than 15 times in one match because I’ve had teammates play peekaboo with me. If you’re not that guy/girl, leave me a message on psn. Message first. Then maybe friend request. I’m a goofy rude guy and some people can’t handle that. Lol

Anywho, PSN is Oniryo69
hope to see you in the battle. :slight_smile:

Hey man. I read your post and quite literally feel the same way u do. I would actually really like to try playing with you and your friends. I too am really foul mouthed and overall a horrible person sense of humor wise so i feel like u and your friends could b a good fit with me and mine. And i 1000% agree with about wanting to olay with competent people who understand what an objective is. Was bitching about it last night ironically enough. If u wanna message me my psn is inferno585

A little late. Muh bad. I just saw yer reply. I’m headed to bed but I’ll def toss you a psn message tomorrow when I get back on.

PSN Trutenax89 I roll with a group of 8 or so who swear regularly might get salty at times but generally have a great time. We are all moba vets and go for them comps and play positions on the maps. Pm if interested

I’d happily welcome you into my clan or our psn community. But the language is an issue. We have plenty of adults but some parents bring their kids along or let them watch. Means we all have to find creative ways to get salty. Still shoot me a pm if your interested we keep the doors open for good players always.

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Hi there! If you’re 18+ and interested in finding a regular crew, feel free to check out our group on the100. Goofy and profane sums me up pretty well, so you might find yourself in good company. So far I’ve had sessions every night this week with helpful, friendly foks at all skill levels, and it’s been great actually communicating and working out strategy (as opposed to suffering mic-less randos). Either way, good games to you and cheers!

Definitely give me an add bro. My psn is zbeshears I’ll add you here shortly.
Needing more freinds for battle born

add TRUSSLER on ps4, scottish guy knows what i’m doing.

Sounds like my kind of playgroup! Foul mouths are cool and all, so long as no one takes stuff too seriously. I’m posting from elsewhere right now, but if you need a tank or territory controller, add PsykoMutt. I’m pretty laid back, can’t play as much as I’d like, but I like to play when I can. Just include “From Gearbox forum” or something with the friend request, so I know it’s not random!

You sound like my kind of people. I honestly thought swearing was part of the game. Sounds like a good time to me. PSN: Credible23. I’ll look forward to having a swearing fit with you.