Good places to farm that aren't exploits

I’m playing the PS4 version of TPS. I’m level 26 and on chapter 11. What are some good places to farm that aren’t exploits or glitches? I want to feel like I earned my cash to some extent. Also, I’m looking for areas in normal difficulty and the harder ones.

youll have to give me a refresher on where in the story chapter 11 is

Right after you destroy the eye. I’m looking for all areas though because I want to do the harder difficulties.

cool cool just needed to know what you had access to

well right off the bat, i like to farm the hub of heroism cause there are plenty of mobs and the legion is fun to fight, plus you can kill both meg and commander bob (that might not be completely right) to get there respective legendaries

From there you could go to R&D, and from the fast travel point if you just go towards x-stlk and there are plenty of stalkers which put up a fight, then kill x-stlk, rinse, repeat.

And probably my fav spot to run is pity’s fall. It can take a bit to fully run the drakensburg but theres plenty of enemies and loot. And if you dont want to mob through the whole thing, just the killings the enemies out front, in the first room when you enter, and then Going straight for the bosun will give you quite a few bad asses and you can check th. vendors along the way, and the three chests in felicity’s room

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

I just realized pity’s fall wont be much fun to run on nvhm haha sorry. the other 2 do still apply though

Darksiders are right next to the fast travel in Triton flats. RnD and Hub of Heroism is cool, rabid stalkers give a lot of xp, but there’s no low grav :frowning:

At that point Iwajira starts to become a farming target.

Usually I’ve already farmed IWA up to 30/50/60 before turning in Watch Your Step and accepting Eye 2 Eye.

IWA farming is reasonable for me at 27/47, and then about 56 (in UVHM) or so I am looking for XP to get to 60 and not having missions I want to accept yet…

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On TVHM or UVHM, try Research and Development. Rabid stalkers give a good chunk of exp. Unfortunately, you wont find any on Normal. Though I suppose you could still go through RnD and then back to the Hyperion Hub, but if you’re already level 26 the exp will be greatly reduced. Best option on normal is to just do all the sidequests or kill Iwajira if you have really good level 25/26 gear.